Online shopping—you have a love-hate relationship with it. You love receiving new things in the mail, but you hate spending the money on it. Online shopping is great for avoiding the chaos and hassle of long lines and overcrowded shopping malls, but it can also instantly diminish your coins with just one click.

Here at Boss Women, we’re all about balling on a budget and getting the most for our money. Here are four ways to help you snag some of the best online deals without having to break the bank. Check them out below.

1. Research your Favorite Sites

Wherever you decide to do your online shopping at, you want to make sure you do your research from the places you enjoy buying from. We’re always trying to get more bang for our buck, and researching your favorites sites to see the various rewards they may offer is something you can greatly benefit from and save your coins. Many online stores use loyalty and reward programs which allows customers early access to various sales, discounts, and other shopping perks.

2. Make Coupons and Discount Codes Your Best friend

Nearly every online shop has a time where they send you coupons and discount codes. Places like RetailMeNot and SnipSnap, just to name a few are constantly showcasing the latest coupons for so many online retailers. I’m sure your favorite store offers various coupons and discount codes—how could you pass up on those amazing deals?! Coupons and discount codes are complete lifesavers and won’t make you regret purchasing that brand new dress for an additional 25% off!

3. Complete a Google Search

A little trick that I always do before I make the final decision to purchase an item online is to complete a google search, and see if any other place may have it cheaper. You’d be surprised to know that lots of places sell the same items at a different price. Where Saks Fifth may have an item that is reasonably priced, Bergdorf Goodman may have it for 50% off! You never know until you weigh your options and make that search!

4. Sign up for those Newsletters

I know those pop-ups asking for your email can be extremely annoying, but use them to your advantage! Signing up for some of your favorite online stores newsletters can save you more money than you think. These newsletter subscriptions include daily deals, sales, discount codes and so much more. So the next time you’re hit with an email newsletter sign up—sign up, you won’t regret it!

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