So you are debating rather you should attend Boss Women of the Year, well we are sharing 10 reasons why attending this year will be the best decision you can do for your career.

September 21, 2019, we’re hosting our third Boss Women of the Year Summit. Whether you’re still on the fence or are looking to get hyped, here’s the spiel on why this evening experience could seriously change your life.

1. You’ll meet Boss Women—just like you

At the Boss Women of the Year Summit, you’re not just meeting professionals in a similar field or industry and exchanging pleasantries and business cards.  You will meet your next business bestie, don’t believe me…Well take Charlene and Erin, they met an event 2 years ago and have been business besties that hold one another accountable and cheers each other on. You’ll be met with stories of similar situations and understanding. So don’t be afraid to go alone—you’ll only be missing opportunities to form genuine friendships, make career connections, and yes, even meet your future co-founder.

2. You’ll hear inspiring stories from leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, and execs

Our speakers aren’t here to humble brag. They, too, are on a higher mission to help women overcome the challenges we all face. They’re here to share not just honest stories about their success, but the lessons they learned from their failures, so that you, too, can learn from them.

3. You’ll get honest, no-bullshit advice for your career (and life)

We’re going deep on actionable advice you can take back to the boardroom or the interview. Our topics covers everything from leadership skills to balancing mommyhood all while going after your career!

4. You can get professional services in one place

Boss Shots and complimentary glam are back, plus a pitch competition have been added to the schedule this year.

5. We’ll show you how to be good with money

We wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that women are inherently bad with money—but when society repeatedly tells us this and refuses to give us the tools and resources we need for financial independence, it’s easy to believe that’s true. We have a money moves literacy session at the event.

6. You’ll get advice for your small business or side-hustle

Whether you were never one for a 9-to-5, or are simply looking for a way to feel more fulfilled (or just make extra cash), we are sharing tips and tools reserved for small business owners and side-hustlers. You’ll walk away with the next step you can take to grow your audience, convert your followers, hire your first employee, or start scaling your business into a billion-dollar brand.

7. You could even get a new job

If you’re not quite ready to take the leap on your own venture, but are ready for something new, we’re hooking you up with opportunities at some of our favorite companies (i.e., ones that actually care about women). You’ll be able to meet with recruiters, learn about current opportunities, and ask all the questions you may have.

8. The POP-Up shop that gives you product worth $500

We’re so excited to offer you amazing products from our favorite brands for FREE in our popping’ pop-up. Forget a SWAG bag you go into our pop-up shop and grab the items you want to help you shine like a boss!

9. TheGLOW UP Station

Take a break from everyone else and pour into yourself with the amazing glow-up station that leaves you with self care tips that you can use all year long.

10. You can shop exclusive Boss Women Merch

After this weekend (and to be honest, probably long before it), you’ll want everyone to know you’re a #bosswoman. The Boss Women of the Year Summit is the only place to shop our exclusive merchandise!

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