Your home is your safe haven. A place to relax, refresh, and recuperate. It’s the one place where you can go and simply be yourself—at all times. Every woman should treat their homes like a sanctuary that is filled with things that are bound to bring them both happiness and peace of mind. Your home should be a space that eliminates negative energy and promotes self-love and self-care.

Because self-care is extremely important and vital to a prosperous lifestyle, it is important that you have an established self-care routine that includes products and items that you can benefit from.

Here are seven recommendations of items and products that every woman of color needs in her little sanctuary to help her slay her self-care routine and promote self-love.

  1. A Pretty Journal/Notebook

Catching up and spending time with your friends is always important—but so is taking time for yourself and writing down your thoughts, goals, and passions. Simply catching up with you, to see what’s going on in your life is something you should always make time for, and a pretty journal can help promote just that. You don’t have to write in your journal every single day, but when you have something very significant that happens or causes a shift in your life, you should write it down. Self-care looks different for each woman, and you’re able to define how you would like to take care of yourself through your journaling.

  1. A Clean Bedspace

I’m not too sure how many women faithfully make their beds each morning, but I personally deem it as something extremely important to do. Making your bed each morning helps prepare you for the start of the rest of your day. It allows you to create a clean and fresh slate the moment you wake up. It’s nice to know that you can come home to a bedspace that is clean and nicely made.

  1. Candles and Sage

Along with having a clean and tidy bedspace, burning scented candles and sage to eliminate negative energy from your space is such a necessity. Light yourself some candles and simply relax and wind down in your space. Candles have an aroma that can heal and bring peace of mind to you when you’re feeling down or even stressed. Take advantage of the candle sales at Bath & Body Works and watch them help you create a calm space in your home.

  1. A Good Book

Yup you read that correctly! Pour yourself up a nice little drink and grab yourself a good book. #readyourheartout. You can even take yourself out of your home and head down to your local park with a blanket and a few snacks and read away. Reading is a very quick way to administer and promote self-care because it allows you to temporarily remove yourself from your world and place your thoughts and mind into a completely new one. Reading can also teach you a thing or two that you may not have been open to learning before picking up that book.

  1. A Hot Bath + Cup of Tea

A hot bath can heal so much in our daily lives. Running yourself a hot bath and adding your favorite bubble bath with a nice warm cup of green tea with a pinch of honey is self-care 101. Allowing yourself to relax and unwind and letting your body do absolutely nothing, but soak in warm water is even better than it sounds. Give it a try, you’ll thank us later!

  1. A Skincare Mask

I know you hear a lot about skincare mask and how they have good health benefits for your skin, but before you decide to indulge in one, make sure you do your research and find what’s best for YOUR skin. There’s so many different mask you can choose from—clay, Aztec, mud, cucumber, the list goes on and on. Not only is this an act of self-care, but it’s always skincare which contributes to your daily self-care routine as well.

  1. Vitamins

You’ve probably been doing this since childhood, but you may have not known that it continues even as an adult. As a woman, it’s important to take vitamins that are natural for your body as well as health sufficient. Vitamins are for sure a self-care regime that promotes health from the inside, out—a healthy you is the number one priority in maintaining your self-care.


These seven self-care items and products are simple recommendations that will contribute to promoting your self-care routine, and allowing you to indulge in things that you may not get to indulge in as often as you’d like.

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