Some of us quickly received a reality check when we realized our parents simply couldn’t afford to pay for us forever. At some point you knew you’d have to become an independent woman and learn how to make it all on your own—like truly on your own. No more mommy and daddy paying your monthly car note, or sponsoring your expensive shopping habits, it’s all on you now sis.

You may not have been completely prepared for them to just cut you off like that, but as a BOSS woman, nothing can stop you or keep you down too long—you always find a way to make it work—ALWAYS! Here are a few tips to managing your money once mommy and daddy dearest snip snip you off, and you’ve finally become financially independent.

  1. Set A Goal

A lot of us have an extremely hard time adjusting to change, so having to take on a new financial responsibility is definitely going to take some time to get used to. Before you decide to make any sudden moves, create goals. That may look like assessing your income and expenses, using a budget calendar and spreadsheet, or simply cutting back—whatever it may be—set a goal. Delegating where your money will go is a lot easier once you break it down into smaller measurements. One thing that can help you when setting financial goals is to create a month-to-month plan that will help you stay on track and showcase to you how your financial situation is each day, week, month, and year.

  1. Saaaaave!

I know it’s so much more easier said than done, but the key to having and maintaining a healthy and stable financial situation is to have a good balance between the money you spend and the money you save.  I’m sure your parents told you when you were younger to save, only now you’re saving the money you’re making, so it means a little bit more to you now than it did when they gave you money. Start by taking a certain percentage of your paycheck and putting it into a savings account and deem it as untouchable so you don’t get into the habit of spending the money you’re supposed to be saving.

  1. Give and Take

This simply means you have to learn how to prioritize and deem what’s most important in your life and what can be put on the back burner. No, you don’t have to completely stop hanging out with your girlfriends, you just have to be smarter about how you do it. Look into outings that are less expensive or even free to cut the cost down of spending so much just to enjoy a social meetup. Things such as manis and pedis can be cut down, making your coffee at home each morning instead of stopping by Starbucks can also alleviate some additional expenses that are unnecessary.  Being cost sufficient doesn’t mean that you’re boring or broke, make sure you’re enjoy yourself, but if you can find a less expensive alternative, opt for that– your wallet will definitely thank you!

  1. Don’t Spend What You Don’t Got

This is hard for some people to grasp. They have several credit cards and are swimming in debt—Don’t be these people. If you ain’t got it—don’t spend it, simple. If you’re the type to shop ‘til you drop and charge it all to your credit card then you’re truly setting yourself up for a financial frenzy. Not only do credit card companies charge you a monthly fee, they also charge interest on purchases which is only costing you even more money. Instead of using your credit card to pay for purchases, try saving your coins until you are able to pay for whatever it is that you’re wanting in full. Nothing’s better than fully owning something and being able to call it yours with no strings attached!


Financial responsibility is for sure a journey that won’t happen overnight, but the sooner you begin it, the more you’ll learn to appreciate your independence and the easier it’ll become.



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