Who is Monique Rodriquez?

Monique Rodriquez is the founder of the multi-million dollar organic ingredients black hair-care brand Mielle Organics. In 2014, Mielle launched her haircare brand in thousands of stores across the nation—from $1,000 to $1 million, this fearless woman has become a household name.

What makes Monique Rodriguez a Boss Woman?

Monique Rodriquez is a Boss Woman because she allowed herself to push through her comfort zone and recognize her own talents which allowed her to stand out in a competitive market and turn her dreams into her reality. Mielle is a bonafide hustler and she hasn’t let anything thus far stop her from reaching the top.

The following article was originally published on BauceMag, a lifestyle site for self-made women.

Mielle Organics. This multi-million dollar organic ingredients hair care brand, founded by Monique Rodriguez in 2014, is a household name within the black hair care industry. With the distribution of her products in thousands of stores across America, Monique was able to forge business success after dealing with a huge setback in her personal life. Today, Monique is a bonafide BAUCE, but she wasn’t always as naturally confident. She admittedly has had to push herself outside of her comfort zone many of times to recognize her talents, stand out in a competitive market, and turn her dreams into a reality. In this interview with BAUCE, Monique schools us on how she hustled her way from failed business ideas and nursing paychecks to millions in sales globally.

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