For the past two weeks we’ve been bringing you some heat with all things Black Girls! It’d only be right to finish off this last week with another set of amazing black women that are killing it in the skincare industry. Beauty is important, and the foundation of any good beauty routine should begin with skincare regime. These women have mastered that—and then some!   

To end off our three week Black Girls Rock series, we’re giving you seven of the most influential and inspirational black women who own skincare lines.

Take a look below and see what new products you can add to your daily skincare routine!

1.She’Neil Johnson, Base Butter

Founder She’Neil Johnson created this all-natural skincare line with a mission to challenge the depiction of black women in the media. The creation of this brand was partially inspired by the founder’s own personal struggles with acne, in which she focused on producing products made of pure, simple, and “good-for-you” formulas. Since its establishment in 2015, Base Butter carries the number one Aloe Vera gel-based moisturizer for pH-balanced and hydrated skin. These skincare products have women of color at the forefront with a focus of equal access to high-quality natural products. To purchase all things Base Butter, visit

2. Dr. Kristian Henderson., BLK + GRN

Dr. Kristian Henderson is a huge advocate for all things happy, healthy, and free, so what better way to promote that then with her skincare line, Blk + Grn. This skincare brand showcases the work of women of color who are creating nontoxic, ethical products. This ecommerce store uses its platform as a one-stop-shop for all black owned natural products—specifically geared towards skincare. It’s the ideal all-natural marketplace by all Black artisans. To purchase products from Blk + Grn, visit

3. Anne Lawoyin, Anne’s Apothecary

Founder Anne Lawoyin focused the philosophy of Anne’s Apothecary on the idea that, “what you put on your skin should be safe enough to eat,” so you better be sure of it that the ingredients used in this skincare line are absolutely pure. These products are created in North Carolina, in small hand-crafted batches with a keen focus on essential oils and herbs. Anne’s Apothecary includes body scrubs, deodorants, cleansers, and much more. To purchase products, visit

4. Terri Foster, Blade + Bloom

Blade + Bloom’s eco-conscious goods are originally handmade in Chicago with their number one focus on making sure their skincare products are 100% plant-based. Incorporating recyclable packaging into each of their products, Blade + Bloom has made it their business to truly practice what they preach. Be sure to also check out some of their amazingly scented candles! To purchase all things Blade + Bloom, visit

5. Barbara Jacques, Jacqs

Barbara Jacques’ skincare line, Jacqs (with the subtle play on her last name) promises to help you, “slay naturally.” Jacqs includes masks, toners, cleansers, mists, beauty boosters that contain concentrated doses of antioxidants, and so many other skincare products that are for sure going to slay your skin. If you’re wanting a natural based, vegan product that is sure to leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing, then Jacqs is for you. To shop all products, visit

6. Tatiana Elizabeth Price, skinBUTTR 

Young, vibrant, and fresh is exactly what skinBUTTR is. Handmade by State Management model Tatiana Price, skinBUTTR is crafted to keep your glow at an all-time high with natural products that include shea body butters and exfoliating scrubs. skinBUTTR comes in various scents which include strawberry coconut and honey almond, and help fade scars, stretch marks and cellulite. For all skinBUTTR products, visit

7. Holly McWhorter, Plant Apothecary

Plant Apothecary is a black-owned apothecary primarily based in Brooklyn, NY. The plant-filled products encourages its audience to steer away from any harsh chemicals and toxins, and focus more on homegrown and natural ingredients. These gentle and suitable skincare products will undoubtedly save your skin by doing less harm and more good. For all things Plant Apothecary, visit

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