When you think of podcast– investing, saving, and money management are not at the forefront. We tend to turn to podcast for entertainment, gossip and daily affirmations, but rarely do we turn to them for a little bit of financial advice. While I’m sure it’s a common feeling of uneasiness that comes over us when we think about money management, it’s still just as important and beneficial especially when we could use a few extra coins.

If you’ve decided to click on this post, then you’ve realized that it’s time to take the next steps to managing and making more money in 2019 (and of course years to come). The good thing about podcast is you can listen to them on the go—whether you’re stuck in traffic during your morning commute or working out—they are always available!

Below we’ve gathered a list of 8 money making podcast that will help you get your finances in check and guide you on the track to making more money!

1.The Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper

Nick Loper’s The Side Hustle Show, is a podcast centered around business, entrepreneurship and side-hustlers. The show includes a variety of guests from all walks of life based on their financial success and standpoints, as well as topics around marketing, sales, websites, social media, growing a profitable business, and so much more. One particular episode that stood out to me was sessions 226, in which Nick discusses making $500 within the first seven days of your side hustle. If your interest has peaked in wanting to make more money, this podcast is definitely a great start!

2. Millennial Money with Shannah Compton Game 

It’s not common to associate financial advice with women—money management is usually looked at as a stronger trait in men. Financial planner, Shannah Compton Game changes the game up, and focuses on everything from budgeting, student loans, savings, career, investing, and so much more. The breakdown of this podcast is specifically geared towards millennials—using jargon that makes the information more receptive and beneficial. This podcast ranges from gaining that financial independence to growing your wealth and bank account!

3. Money Girl with Laura Adams

Money Girl is any woman’s (men too) go-to source for easy to understand tips on improving your finances. Host Laura Adams is an author and has been hosting her podcast for over a decade now. A few topics her podcast covers are how to balance transfer credit cards, interest rates, and paying off loans/debt. Money Girl is a financial balance podcast for both men and women to dive into and allow their cash flow to increase!     

4. The Dave Ramsey Show with Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey’s Show is the epitome of money management for any finance mogul. Ramsey’s model for getting out of debt is like no other. His goal of helping his audience break out of the cycle of “middle-class mindset” and changing their lives for the better is both rewarding and well worth it. Ramsey loves the idea of personal finance and financial freedom—and his podcasts represent just that.

5. Afford Anything with Paula Pant

Afford Anything with Paula Pant is a podcast that interviews various experts on topics that include finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, personal development and so much more. Paula’s mindset is “you can do anything you want with money, but not everything.” Each episode is full of insights that will motivate you to want to make more money. Time, money and energy are all extremely important—valuing them and doing what it takes to increase your finances should always be at the forefront.

6. The Fairer Cents with Kara Perez and Tanja Hester

Kara and Tanja are the dynamic duo you wish you had in your back pocket every time you were about to make a financial mistake! These two besties approach finances and money management from a boss woman’s perspective. Specifically unique and geared towards women, this podcast focuses on the impact of money management, and how a woman’s experience differs from a man’s. This podcast is the do all, be all of financial freedom for women!

7. Brown and Ambition with The Budgetnista

The Budgetnista is on the road to living richer. With the implementation of her Live Richer challenge, her podcast is centered on weekly budgets and simply finding the means to live a “richer” lifestyle. The Budgetnista also dives into investing and how one can go about getting out of debt through various tips. Her financial advice is one of a kind, and has been featured in several  media outlets like The Today Show, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Forbes, ESSENCE Magazine, and many more.   

8. Planet Money with NPR

Planet Money is a segment that was created in 2008 to cover the financial crisis that took place. It later developed into an economic podcast, in which it uses its format to bring light to economical situations in our world today. With its accessible and informative platform, you can get the most out of this 15 to 30 minute podcast!  




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