Last week we brought you seven black business owners that are killing the beauty industry. This week we have another group of amazing women slaying hair care! For many black women, finding the right products for your hair can be a complete headache. Many black women can attest to this—before we decide to change our current hairstyle, we have to plan in advance on our next one.

It’s absolutely no secret that the black hair care industry is a big business. What better way to support those brands and business than using the products made by our very own (for us, by us)!. We’ve compiled a list of seven black business owners that are slaying the hair care industry and keep those edges intact! Check them out below:  

1.Taliah Waajid, Taliah Waajid

Taliah Waajid is known as the leading lady in all things natural hair care and sustainable products. For over 20 years, Taliah has curated and produced hair care products for all the kinky, coily, curly, and wavy hair girls. From single shampoo’s to oils, conditioner, hair masks and other beneficial products for your hair—she’s got you covered! Her specialty is natural hair, so for all my naturalistas—this is the hair care guru for you! To purchase products:

2. Monique Rodriguez, Mielle Organics

Mielle Organics focuses on the different types of textures and curl patterns of natural hair. Founder and CEO Monique Rodriguez realized the importance of having products that are specifically designed for every range of hair textures—and there, Mielle Organics was born. Deemed as the number one haircare brand for thick, 4 hair texture, if you’re a 4a,b, or c gal, then Mielle Organic’s has got your back! To purchase products:   

3. Courtney Adeleye, The Mane Choice

Courtney Adeleye’s The Mane Choice, is a brand is a collaboration of beauty, health and science all wrapped in one. With gorgeous hair at the forefront of this company’s mission, former physician and registered nurse Courtney made it her business to combine nutrients and vitamins into solution-based products. Healthy hair is key, and Courtney knew that when she created this amazing hair care brand. To purchase products:

4. Nancy Twine, Briogeo

Nancy Twine is the mastermind behind the brand known as Briogeo. Unhappy with her Wall Street job, she turned to her true calling and passion—the beauty industry. Twine, being the youngest black woman to launch her line of conditioners, hair masks, shampoos and so much more (which can all be purchased at Sephora), has created a space and walk for all women in the hair care industry. Although her products are created for all hair types and ethnicities, her focus began with black women—when her grandmother would teach her DIY recipes as a young child. Her products include antioxidants, vitamins, and oils to ensure stronger and healthier hair. To purchase products:

5. Miko and Titi Branch, Miss Jessie’s Original

Miss Jessie’s Original was launched by two sisters—Miko and Titi Brand, out of their Brooklyn brownstone. Their unique formula of puddings and cremes are targeted towards all the natural sisters who are wanting to enhance their curl and wave patterns. Because these kind of products are rarely showcased on hair care shelves, these sisters realized this was a market that needed some attention and real-life experiences. The company’s name comes from their grandmother (Miss Jessie). The sister duo also created a hair salon in New York where they tailor their services to all the curly hair girls! To purchase products:

6. Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter

Lisa Price’s vision for Carol’s Daughter started from her love of entrepreneurship at the tender age of 11. She experimented with several fragrances and moisturizers until she’d conjure up products that she would gift to her family and friends. Once word got out about Lisa’s homemade products, business instantly started booming. Beginning in 1999, Price opened her first retail store for Carol’s Daughter, In Brooklyn, NY. Since the brand’s first store opening, media endorsements and high profile business partners have invested in this brand (some include Jay-Z and Jada Pinkett-Smith). There’s no doubt that Lisa’s home-grown experiment has granted her and others the ability to appreciate black hair care. To purchase products:      

7. Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy, Mixed Chicks

Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy have been diligently branding Mixed Chicks and all things curly and wavy hair for an extremely long time. The bi-racial duo invested over $10,000 to develop their first formula of shampoo and conditioner. With mild and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, Mixed Chicks is the epitome of hair care and serves as a multi-cultural revolution for women! To purchase products:  

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