We as women love to spend money! We’re always finding ways to spend our money, whether it be on food, drinks, makeup, manis and pedis—you name it, we’re always spending!  As a young millennial woman myself, I can admit, there’s been times where I’ve bought something I definitely could’ve done without, but who’s keeping track of that?! Spending money on unimportant things eventually adds up and causes us to ask that same repetitive question at the end of each month, “where did all my money go?!”

Here are seven things we as women waste our hard earned coins on every month:

1.Fast Food & Snacks

Who doesn’t love a good meal?! Even better, a delicious meal prepared by someone else– hassle free! Sure, eating out at restaurants is convenient and easy, but it’s also extremely costly and adds up each month. Instead of grabbing a “quick meal” to and from work, meal prepping the Sunday before each week starts, or simply cooking meals each day will be more cost sufficient when trying to save those coins! Health is wealth, and so is saving money! 

2. Makeup

I get it! I’m a woman myself, and makeup to a woman is like candy to a kid– but do we really need to make a pit stop to Sephora once a week?! Is it detrimental if we decide to pass on that new Fenty lipgloss, and instead opt for a lipgloss that we already have in our makeup collection at home? It’s so tempting to want to buy a new product every time a release happens, but you may realize just how much money you’re saving when you cut down on those unnecessary makeup purchases.

3. Coffee

It’s obvious we as women spend our money on this daily! Instead of spending $6 bucks on a cup of coffee each morning, a more efficient solution for my coffee lovers would be to invest in an at home coffee maker such as a Keurig. Keurig’s have a variety of k-cup flavors (including a Starbucks brand), and it’s one less stop you’ll have to make in the morning before heading off to work!

4. Clothes/Shoes

This is definitely a hard habit to break– I mean who doesn’t love a new pair of jeans and sandals?! It’s so hard trying to convince yourself that you don’t need a new shirt or sweater when you know you already have so many in your closet. This bad habit for sure can save us so much money each month if we simply chose not to buy the clothing item! An easy fix is to simply shop in seasons instead of “just because.” Designating a day to shop for each season will help you cut down on shopping “just because,” and in-between because you’ll basically already have everything you need!

5. Gym Subscriptions

The problem with gym memberships is the fact that once we sign up– we don’t go! We’ve already made the commitment financially, however, we physically can’t seem to make that same commitment. Instead of spending hundred of dollars a year on a gym membership, buying small equipment for your home and watching at-home workout videos on YouTube will also help you reach your fitness goal. There are also several free fitness apps that you can download and help you on your fitness journey– all for FREE

6. Manicures/Pedicures

As woman, most of us are getting are manis and pedis about two times a month. Manicures range from $25-$35 and pedicures are about $25-$55 (depending on the services selected), so that’s approximately between $50-$120 each month for nail care (omg what?!). Here’s how to fix that ladies: there’s always an at home solution for everything! You can purchase your favorite nail color from the salon or purchase a nail grooming kit from your local beauty supply store. It may take some practice before you get it mastered, but it will definitely save you some money in the long run.

7. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are for sure one of the most glamours things we can use to enhance our beauty– however, the installation, maintenance and up-keep on them is extremely expensive. A simple, effective and just as great alternative to monthly eyelash extensions are strip lashes from your local beauty supply store. They range from $1-$15 and are just as durable and voluminous as eyelash extensions at salons. You’ll look gorgeous, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so!

So the next time you get that sudden urge to splurge on a steak dinner, a Jimmy Choo pump, or a new eyeshadow palette, just remember— you don’t have to break the bank to do it!

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