Boss Women, is your closet cluttered with clothes that you haven’t worn in months—better yet, years? Are you having a hard time making room for your new clothes? Does extra money in your pocket sound nice? Selling your old clothes and cleaning out your closet for some extra money is the way to go.

There are several sites that allow you to resale your old clothing, and while they may be confusing and hard to navigate through—we’ve made it easy for you by giving you some of the best websites to use for selling your old items.

Below we’ve compiled a list of eight online consignment clothing options that you can use to sell your clothes and get some extra money! 

Need a simple and fun way to sell your old clothing? Poshmark is it! Poshmark allows you to list your items for sale by taking a picture of the item, completing an item description, setting the item’s price, and then boom you’re done! Once you make a sale, Poshmark takes commission, and the buyer pays for shipping of their item. Poshmark also provides the seller a pre-paid, pre-addressed label for the buyer. It’s an easy one-stop shop!

Depop allows its sellers to not only list their items, but also connect their PayPal accounts to the listing. You simply tap the camera icon to add a new item listing along with videos and photos of that item, and once the item is published, you can edit the listing at any given time.

We’ve all heard of eBay, but as a seller, we may not know exactly how it works. As an eBay seller, you are responsible for the entire selling process. Because of this, third parties aren’t in control of your earnings (which means more money in your pockets). eBay also allows sellers to manage their own price point, which is an extremely valuable perk to take advantage of.  

Grailed is a high-fashion online marketplace and community particularly driven towards men’s fashion and streetwear. The authenticity of Grailed’s items goes through a verification process before being officially listed for sale. If any transaction takes place that is wrong, Grailed fully refunds all sellers and buyers through PayPal. Grailed deems itself as having one of the lowest commission rates, with only 6%+ 2.9%+ 30 cent for PayPal.   

Just like Grailed, Heroine is the women’s version. Heroine is a high-fashion, curated online marketplace that specializes in the selling of designer pieces for women. If you’re needing to sell anything from Louis Vuitton to Bottega Venetta, Heroine is your place. Heroine also partners with PayPal to make sure all transactions are safe and easy.

This company specializes in online thrift and consignment. If you are wanting to donate or sell clothing—you have that option. threadUp uses a “clean out kit” for its sellers to send in their clothing. Once this takes place, the company sorts through sellers’ clothing to decide what they will and will not keep. Based on the clothing they decide to keep—sellers will then be paid for each item. threadUp also donates unaccepted items to local charities, or sellers have the option of paying $9.99 to get their unaccepted clothing back.

Known as a high-end online consignment shop, The RealReal uses a simple process. They send out a luxury manager to your home to pick up your items and ship them to their warehouse, FOR FREE! Once they receive the sellers’ items, they are authenticated, priced and photographed to be listed on their site for sale. The process normally takes between 10-15 days, and payments are issued to sellers on the 15th of each month.

Tradesy is a company centered on the idea, “sell what you own, and buy what you want.” The company sends sellers free shopping kits where they go into their closet, and select all of the clothing they are wanting to sell. Kind of like threadUp, tradesy sellers take pictures of their clothing items and upload them to their site. Tradesy then takes a 14.9% commission for each item sold through their marketplace.   

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