We’ve heard the saying several times ‘health is wealth,’ but do we truly believe and understand just what that means? Being your absolute healthiest self isn’t just about exercising and going to the gym,—but also the food you put into your body, the thoughts you put into your mind and the overall energy and aura you surround yourself with.

As a woman of color, it’s important that we see representation of what wellness and self-care looks like for us. Often times, we are only shown what wellness and self-care looks like in the eyes of women that do not look like us, so we’ve highlighted six influential women of color that showcase and represent what wellness and self-care looks like. Check them out below:

  • Massy Arias, @massy.arias
According to her insta, Massy Arias is a health coach and the CEO of TRU supplements—a vegan friendly, non-GMO, soy and gluten free, 100% natural vitamin. Born in the Dominican Republic, Arias began to inspire those around her through her extensive training and fitness. Massy Arias is the cover girl for setting the example of what a healthy diet and active lifestyle can do for individuals– mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through her own self-journey of battling depression, Massy inspires women to remain strong, determined, and dedicated to building their most healthiest lifestyle.
  • Kira, @kirathelight
Kira is a health and beauty influencer with a YouTube channel that is centered around skin-care regimes and routines, natural hair care, protective hairstyles and incorporating a natural diet into your daily routine. Kira makes health, wellness and beauty look simplistic and easy to follow. Follow her on insta to see her daily spiritual rituals and motivational quotes.    
  • Millana Snow, @millanasnow
New York native Millana Snow is best known for being a wellness expert and the founder/CEO of WellnessOfficial.co—”an online community and marketplace revolutionizing the wellness industry.” Snow’s passions consists of holistic health and normalizing energy healing through the empowerment of lives. Millana is also the host of the wellness show, This Is Wellness with Millana Snow.   
  • Alexandra Elle, @alex_elle
Alexandra Elle is the queen of daily affirmations and motivational quotes. Elle uses her encouraging words to uplift and motivate all women to simply invest in themselves—whatever that may look like for them. Her affirmations focus on self-care and self-love, letting go, knowing your worth, setting boundaries—and a list of other motivating tips. This DC native provides a sense of comfort and balance for women’s bodies, souls, and minds all through her words. 
  • Francheska Medina, @heyfranhey
Francheska Medina more famously known as heyfranhey, made this list of women not only for her natural wellness website and YouTube videos, but also for The Friend Zone—her podcast centered around health, wellness and self-care. Many may not know that Fran battled a chronic illness and used alternative medicine, nutrition and fitness to self-heal. Her website HeyFranHey.com curates content focused on holistic living, DIY recipes for natural hair and skin, and mental and emotional hygiene. No wonder she made the list—sis does it all!  
  • Sophia Roe, @sophia_roe
Sophia Roe—chef, nutritionist, health, hair, and skincare enthusiasts. Roe’s journey of healthy living (showcased through her Instagram), shows the benefits of balancing a healthy and clean lifestyle. Roe’s main focus is mental wellness, which she believes determines your overall wellness.   
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