Tip #1: Protect Your Peace We hear it all the time, how important it is to protect your peace of mind—but do we truly understand the value and benefits protecting your peace has on our mind, body, and soul? Removing all toxic and negative things out of your life, whether that’s friendships, romantic relationships, or jobs that are making you unhappy—it’s important to remove that negative energy so you radiate nothing but positive energy and vibes.

When your mind is at peace, your body will follow, which will result in a happier and healthier lifestyle as well. Other ways you can contribute to protecting your peace is through things like reading books, writing in a daily journal, and ultimately creating healthy boundaries in your everyday space. Sometimes you have to be selfish, and learn how to put yourself first!

Tip #2: Think Happy ThoughtsAsk yourself, how often does my brain produce happy thoughts? Are you constantly feeling drained and weighed down by negative thoughts? Happiness can only be instilled within your mind when you are promoting those happy thoughts. Besides, who doesn’t want to be happy?!

You’re in control of your happiness, regardless of the daily struggles life may throw at you—how you choose to react to those struggles is what ultimately dictates your happiness. Train your brain to think happy thoughts! Engage in things in life that will allow those happy thoughts to flourish and take over your entire mind.

Tips #3: Breathe I know you may be thinking, “isn’t it obvious that we need to breathe in order to maintain self-care,” but you’d be surprised as to how many of us truly forget the importance of this simple task. Taking 1-2 minutes to simply focus on inhaling and exhaling slow and long breathes truly makes a difference in how your body and mind work hand-in-hand.

Life itself can be extremely stressful and just flat out hard—taking the necessary steps to alleviate some of those difficulties through things such as breathing exercises and meditation really contributes to that self-care and glow-up your body may need.  

Tip #4: Treat Yo’self! Take a day to do just that! A spa day, a Zumba class, karaoke night, a nature walk—whatever treating yourself feels and looks like to you—do just that! It’s OK to take some time just for you, especially when you’re constantly doing for others. Neglecting yourself can often times lead to lower self-esteem and unhealthy habits, so it’s important to make sure you’re setting aside time for your wants and needs. Reduce that stress and increase that productivity!

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