We connected with over 500 women from LA to Dallas, to H-Town, then Atl and finally in the Big Apple of New York. We connected with women who desire more from their 9-5 and are creating 5-9 opportunities. Women left the events more connected, inspired and equipped with real tools. So what’s the real tea…Well glad you asked, here is the full recap.

The power of women is beyond real. We can do, be and act in whatever manner we desire.

Black Women shine can change and will change the game. The way we show up, dress up and glow up will be the narrative to so much change.

Leaning into supporting one another will change the game. Stop thinking there’s not enough to go around. We haven’t even tapped into the resources that are available to us!

Ideas are just that ideas. Start implementing and executing concepts that are original to fuel everyone’s soul!

Stop sleeping on Corporate Queens. We need our women sitting at the table in corporate america to continue the grind. You will be the change of diversity and true inclusion.

Form Accountability! State your big scary goals with people who will hold you accountable and will help you win!

The gram will only get you so far.. You need substance to grow. Create content that will outlast the gram.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! We set out to create a movement through the Boss Women Community and we see the movement is real.

You need a tribe, point blank period. One man shows, stay one man shows. Start investing in the build up.

Read more, listen more, research more and THEN put that information into action

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