Currently, the weather may be cold as we embark on the harsh winter months but we all know a little rain and snow can’t stop a boss woman on the go.  There are still deals to be made, errands to run and coins to secure! Keeping up with our hair is always top of mind, of course, and although we are busy we do not want to look crazy. From work, to the gym to PTA meetings…here are 3 ways to maintain your hair on the presented by Originals Africa’s Best.

1. Travel Prepared

Nothing helps snap a hairstyle back into place like a little edge control gel. If you are worried about wild hair after a stressful workday as you’re headed to that next happy hour make sure you keep a small brush (pictured above) paired with some gel.

The Africa’s Best Ultra Smooth Edges gel contains shea butter and is alcohol free. The key ingredient is castor oil, which is known to help restore edges and promote hair thickening.

2. Just Wig It!

One of our favorite bloggers and influencers make life look so easy a she juggles motherhood and entrepreneurship.  Mattie James is the queen of slay and continues to do so with fabulous wigs and protective styles.

Pros about wigs:

  • Helps to protect your real hair underneath from heat damage if you’re styling daily.
  • Easy to color and avoids further possible damage of coloring your hair
  • Can change your look quickly so you have time to spend on other things

3. Keep It Cute & Simple

How many times a day do you overthink that email, that Instagram post, or that text message?  Yes as women who lead with the emotion we can often make things into bigger deals than they need to be.  This includes hair. What we love about our favorite doctor Jessica Shepherd is that she keeps it cute and simple.  On any given day you can find her rocking medium length tresses, a side part, and soft curls.  Don’t wreck your braining trying to change up your hairstyle week by week. Find something that you feel confident wearing. Pros: you know what to expect on a daily basis and it saves you time.

What are some ways you maintain your hair on the go? Comment and let us know!

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