Have you ever been challenged to decide between working out and messing up your hair? Yes, this may sound silly, but there are plenty of women who decide to skip a sweaty workout for the sake of preserving a fabulous hairstyle. We are here to officially tell you those days are long gone. Boss women, it’s 2019 and guess what…you can do both! Here are 3 hairstyles to wear while werking it out with Originals By Africa’s Best.

  1. High Pony

If you are someone who puts off breaking a sweat and working out after a fresh blow out or silk press, a high pony is perfect for you.  Although simple, this style is still cute and you preserve the body and silkiness of your hair to wear later. To achieve this look use the Originals by Africa’s Best Coconut Shine Coconut & Vitamin E  Regenerative Dry Oil on the tips of your hair to prevent frizz while sweating. This lightweight nutrient mist will penetrate the hair for sheen and can also be used as a heat protectant in case you need to touch up your edges again after your workout.  Who doesn’t love a great 2 in 1 product?

2. Twist It Up!

Need something where you can put your hair away and still have a flawless style afterwards? This double twisted updo is perfect for an intense workout.  You don’t have to worry about fly-aways and when you’re done you can unravel the twists for the perfect twist-out look. To twist up your hair and maintain extreme moisture try the Originals by Africa’s Best Coconut Creme Leave-In Conditioner on each twist.

3. Braid It Up

Braids are always a great way to protect your hair while working out. Cornrows, feeder braids, or crochet braids can be worn for weeks while moisturizing and oiling your scalp every few days. A great way to prep for braids to ensure your scalp has a healthy foundation. Originals by Africa’s Best Coconut Creme Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner are both great options to cleanse and condition the hair prior to installing your braids.

How do you prep your hair for working out? What are your favorite products?

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