Whatever you want in life…whatever you dream of…whatever tickles the deep desire of your existence…it’ll happen when the belief in yourself rises to meet the group of humans you’re supported by. It’s a delicate dance between what’s inside of you, and what you allow to be around you. The easiest way to safeguard your heart is to pay attention to those you’re surrounded by. They’ll fight for you when you need the strength. They’ll comfort you when you feel your lows. They’ll mirror truth when you’re lying, wildy, to no one but yourself.

Surround yourself with women who don’t cost you your power in order to be in relationship with them. With women who have boundaries themselves. Who have honest conversations. Who get curious instead of getting right. Stand in the cocoon of women who are as vulnerable as they are strong. Be at peace amongst women who are at home with themselves and their own imperfections. They will allow you to be and do the same. They are humans who will teach you how to do all of these things through their own example.

When you have boundaries about who is in your #girlgang or your squad or your crew, it’s easy to pour into them all the encouragement, and belief and support that you can. Because they’re people who do so themselves. They celebrate your successes more than you do. They’re women who cheer you

on. They hype you up. They’re women who want you fully in your power because they’re so fully in their own.

It’s easy to invest deeply in people if you’re helping yourself first. And the people you’re investing in are doing the same. Your surroundings will never have looked more beautiful…more bright… no matter where you are. 

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