Whether your industry is e-commerce, retail, financial services, or non-profit, Facebook Ads can significantly help your business.  We’ve all seen that option to boost a post on Facebook but should you? The short answer: YES.  But, do not go into boosting and paying for Facebook advertising blindly. Although creating Facebook ads is a robust endeavor, here are 5 tips for creating better ads if you are a newbie.

1. Make It Love At First Sight

What do people love the most? Photos! Beautiful images make the most important first impression and are the #1 way to draw people in to your ad and make it compelling.  I can not tell you how many times I’ve scrolled across an ad and had no idea what the brand was selling. Make your ad love at first sight with high quality relevant photos that make sense for your ad.  If you don’t have access to high resolution photos, take advantage of Facebook stock photos. Facebook has access to millions of Shutterstock photos for your business.

2. Have A Call To Action

What does that mean? Have a button for people to click and give them clear direction of what to do and how to interact with your ad. “Buy Now”, “Read More”, “Sign Up” are all visual triggers for people to stop scrolling and take action. Call to action buttons have the potential to increase sales and engagement with your ad.

3. Be Really Specific With Who You Are Targeting

With more than 1 billion active people on Facebook, you will definitely set yourself up for failure if your ad is not set to target a specific group of people. There are several ways to target potential customers using Facebook ads.  

  • Create a new audience in Facebook by setting up specific demographics and parameters
  • Install a Facebook Pixel to get gather website traffic information for retargeting
  • Use an existing email list to target them on Facebook
  • Create a lookalike audience from an existing email list or Facebook Pixel

And this is just to name a few. You can also create custom audiences based on how people engage with certain posts.  All of these tactics will help your ad target specific people so you can get more return on your ad spend versus blindly advertising to customers who really have no interest in your brand.

4. Know Your Budget Before You Start Running Ads

Running Facebook ads can get expensive really quick! Ask yourself, how much can I afford really? Once you determine that number and work it into your monthly budget, you will be able to set up your ad to optimize your dollars.  

Do you want to pay per click? Or per impression? Read a full breakdown of what that means here.   You can set your Facebook ads budget for as low as $1 a day or as high as you want like $1,000 a day. Choose what realistically makes sense for you.  If you need to build initial interest in your brand then more funds will be spent trying to drive traffic to your website or get email sign ups. Here you are building an audience.

If you already have a pretty nice audience and email list, the bulk of your Facebook ads should be for converting existing customers to repeat buyers.

5. Have Systems In Place

Nothing is worse than spending a ton of money on advertising, getting amazing traffic to your website but then not having the appropriate systems in place. Is your business set up to handle customer service questions? Are you staffed to take on increased orders, shipping and handling? Do you have properly inventory in place?  While you might not know how much additional business running a Facebook ad will yield, having proper systems in place is still something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

What are some tips you use for creating high performing Facebook ads?

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