The New Way to Connect and Get the Advice You Need

Most women have heard in order to succeed and succeed fast you need a mentor. This mentor will show you the ropes and pave the way for your advancement. But the idea that one woman can show you everything you need to know to dominate the C-Suite is a ton of pressure on both ends. There is no doubt that female leaders can be helpful, but the career path is way more complex than just one mentor showing you how to navigate the corporate ladder. You need a village and modern mentorship is not about navigating one person but multiple people. Here are some tips that can help you today.

Tip 1: Having a series of diverse perspectives that will help you succeed.

Don’t look for one but many women and men. What social networks are you connected with?  Who are your peers? Where do you go for advice daily? All questions to consider when looking for diverse perspectives.

Tip 2: Stop looking for a full-service mentor

There is no magic one stop adviser who’s going to transform your life and career. Consider going for specific advice that you are seeking and find someone who may have had a similar experience. Looking to move into the C-Suite and you are a black girl dealing with feeling isolated? Find a black woman who may have went through something similar and who is willing to help you.

Tip 3: Prepare, prepare, prepare

Some old mentoring rules still apply, like needing to do your research. But with social media there is a new way to have a leg up. If you are having a coffee date with someone you admire do some digital stalking on what they have been up to, so you can have some talking points at the coffee date. It will make for great convo and great ways you could potentially work together.

Tip 4: Don’t assume mentorship has to be a formal thing.

If you work for a big corporation there probably are mentor opportunities available. These programs can be helpful so why are you not taking advantage of them. It does not have to be formal, sign up for the program, see what works with the person you are partnered with and make the environment relaxed, so you can truly connect to gain the resources you need to propel forward.

Mentorship helps everyone, the mentor and mentee. Focus on connecting, building and develop you character and the skills you are wanting to focus on. If order to move and grow you need to lean in to others. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on yourself or someone else.

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