One resolution we hope you will keep? Reclaiming your time with Self Care. Here are 10 ways you can focus on yourself in 2019 and give your body exactly what it needs.

Just Breathe

• Focus on mindful breathing when you are stressed out. Take 60 seconds to just breathe in and out and focus on the big picture you are trying to accomplish.

Be Curious

• Find a place to go that interests you. Sometimes new adventures can make you feel alive and capable and doing and achieving more.

Just Walk

• Going for a walk daily can change your life. Don’t take your phone just you and maybe your pup. Clear your mind and just walk

Girlfriend Time

• Setting time aside to go on dates with your girlfriends is vital for your peace of mind. You need to kiki and throw around a couple of gurl please’s around with some good ole wine.

Take Bath

• No not because you are dirty, but just to relax. Use the bath to clear your mind without the madness of life creeping in.

Invest In You

• Investing time in elevating yourself with a life coach can transform your career and livelihood. Plus, the power on your mind can be shifted by power positive thoughts.

Light A Candle

• Recharge with a positive vibe. Light a candle in your home to cleanse your energy plus put on a Spotify playlist and you are good to go.

Drink Some Water

• Start your morning routine with a big glass of water. Hydrating yourself can change your energy and help you stay clear on your thoughts.

Get on the Gram or Off the Gram

• Depending on how the gram impacts you, decide which to do. For me, the gram inspires me and motivates me to go hard. For others, they play the comparison game and its hard to break away from that mindset. You decide and do you boo.

Werk Out

The best way to feel good, is if you look good. Try a workout class. Y’all know I love Grit Fitness and my new addiction is Orange Theory. Try something that will challenge you physically and mentally.

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