We can all relate to counting ourselves out more times than we  can count. On the sidelines. Not fully showing up. Not in the game. Not fully participating in what it is we want to be a part of. But what if we decide to believe in ourselves and in our own dreams. What if we get our shit together, own what we want and work our asses off for it…. Magical shit will begin to happen. This past weekend we honored our Boss Entrepreneur of 2018 Rachel Roff who did just that. Rachel Roff is the CEO & Founder of Urban Skin Rx.  She knew it was time to create more, do more and be apart of a bigger solution. She has created an effective skin care brand that caters to darker skin tones and treats some of the most pressing skin care issues for women of color. We can learn a thing or two from Rachel from her journey of showing up and just believing it what she could create.

Rachel shared that she saw a need to be apart of a solution for skincare for women of color. She began her career as an esthetician with intensive skin care knowledge. She took that knowledge to create a product that has changed the game. But her journey was not easy. Every day she decided to get up, grind and persevere no matter how difficult. Here are some tips that she shared this past weekend.

Tip 1: Test and then Test again

When launching a consumer product you must test with a focus group, from packaging to the actual product utilize your desired target audience and get feedback that can be implemented when you launch.

Tip 2: Influencers are Your Best Friend

If you are selling a product reach out to influencers who believe in the product you are selling. The power of an influencer can set your brand apart and allow you to reach outside of your own network. Be strategic in who you select to ensure they fit the brand that you are creating.

TIP 3: Never Stop Dreaming Big

Believe in yourself and the ability to create more. The goals of Urban Skin Rx are big. Dreaming big begins with telling yourself you’re good enough and you are developing a product that will impact many women who need this solution. You will never regret dreaming big and you’ll look back and think, it wasn’t easy but it was so worth it.

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