Looking to grab a new whip…?!? Well, we go you covered with some tips that could change how you buy your next car presented by Park Place

  1. Okay, I know the kind of make and model I want, how should I start the buying process?

-Locate the dealer that is most convenient for you. You want to build a relationship with the dealer you will be servicing with, typically closest to your home or work. Relationships matter; this can help you in negotiating during the sale and ensuring the best after-the-sale service.

-Narrow down features that are “needs” or “must haves”. Unless you want to special order the exact vehicle you want (be prepared to wait 4-6 months for it), you need to have a little flexibility so that your buying process is efficient and effective.

  1. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I go into the dealership and they start throwing all kinds of extended warranties my way, but making me pay for them. What extended warranties are worth it? What could I walk away from?

-Remember that everything is “extra”, unless it is provided by the manufacturer someone has to pay for it, whether it be you or the dealer. Don’t be afraid to buy the extra coverage; it’s just insurance – which most of us carry on anything with value.

-If you plan to keep your vehicle longer than the manufacturer warranty – do yourself a favor and BUY the extended coverage! There is nothing worse than an unexpected $3000 service bill. There are so many tiny computers (electronic control units) and advanced technology in new vehicles and these can be some of the most expensive things to repair or replace.

-Do some research: ask friends and family, seek out information on social media… but ultimately, choose what you see value in and makes sense for you. If you drive a lot or know you have road construction where you live or on your daily commute; buy the road hazard protection (tire & wheel), you will use it! If you have pets or children but light interior is a “must have”, it might not be a bad idea to opt for the interior fabric protection. Read through the coverage and make an informed decision!

  1. I want to be an informed buyer. Should I be buying new vs. used? What is the difference? 

-You should buy what you want and what you can afford. Everyone has their own unique situation so what makes sense for one person may be very different than what makes sense for you.

-Warranty and maintenance: these are factors that should be involved in your buying decision. Some manufacturers provide free maintenance during the factory warranty period – huge bonus!

-How long do you plan to keep the vehicle? Are your needs going to change over the next 2-3 years? These are other important factors that you should consider when comparing new vs. used.

  1. If I have a short commute, should I be buying or leasing? 

-If you don’t drive a lot and like getting new vehicles every few years – leasing is the way to go. You are protected from unknown depreciation and can easily get into a new vehicle without the stress of negative equity!

-If you are content with driving the same vehicle for 5 years or more, then buying may be better for you.

-Ultimately do what you are most comfortable with and what fits your lifestyle – no one knows you better than you, so just make sure to weigh the pros and cons when you make the decision!

  1. I have no idea what kind of car I want. Where should I start?

-See if there are any local car shows that you can visit. You will be able to see so many makes and models at once. This can really help you in your search; the ability to gather a lot of information at once and save time so that you don’t spend hours of your precious free time at dealerships!

-Save the online research for when you have it narrowed down to a few models; I love shopping on the internet just as much as the next woman, but you might find it a bit overwhelming to start your search online without any idea of what you want.



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    I bought a Toyota Prius Prime 1 year ago. I’ve been trying to buy something more along the lines with a little more power and height like a truck and I do like 1/2 electric 1/2 gas plug ins. should I just wait to buy another? because I do have coverage through the dealership for the next 4 years

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