As we move on up through our careers and lives, there are always those little souvenirs that remind us of how far we’ve come. Whether it is our very first ultrasound, our first signed deal with a client, the first step from our daughter and the text from our new bae that says “I love ya”, these all symbolize great achievements on our journey. And yet we are often so consumed (and excited) by the hustle, we often forget to stop and be proud of or give attention to our accomplishments.

So, we’re taking a moment to share tips on how to highlight moments we are proud of. We’ve partnered up with Verizon to talk about how we can use our everyday tools, like our phones, to capture the experiences that might not seem big to the world, but mean the world to us.

  1. Proud Moment of the Day:

Find a few moments every day to send yourself an email from your phone and include your proudest moment of that day. There is something extremely powerful in writing down your #BossWoman moments, but it’s even more powerful when you can use it as a digital reflection tool and review the emails you send yourself to see how far you have come in this journey of life.

  1. Send Someone a Thank You Text

Sometimes the most powerful people in your life may have no idea of their impact. Send them a text to let them know how much you love them and how important their support is for your growth. It is humbling to have a strong support circle and they deserve to know how much you rely on them.

  1. Record the Simple Moments

More often than not, you can find your phone in your hand, so put that device to use and record the funny, small moments. You know, when your kid tells her first joke or when your girlfriends take you out for drinks to celebrate surviving a Tuesday. Those are the moments that will bring you the full dose of motivation. Now more than ever, we have the power and the ease of technology to store those moments easily. Organize your videos and photos into albums so you can easily find them when you need a laugh or to remind yourself why you are working so hard.


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