As Boss women running businesses, planning mommy & me dates and also holding down the office, there are several times where you need some spiritual rejuvenation.  While it is important to give, taking a moment to refill your cup is even more crucial.  You might have church groups or a good group of girlfriends but there’s nothing wrong with finding other women to be inspired by and to follow on a daily basis.  What is a spiritual warrior you ask? For us, it means women who are on a journey of spreading self-love, positivity and challenging everyday fears.  They are women not afraid to show their faith and use it to empower others.  Here are 10 boss spiritual warriors you should know and start to follow.

10 Boss Spiritual Warriors You Should Know

1. Latham Thomas @GlowMaven

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Mama Glow – Day 2 of our July 2018 @mamaglow DOULA IMMERSION is complete. What a powerful day of breakthrough, learning, growth and deep transformative work happening in this room. I’m proud of this group of doula-trainees. Tomorrow we are joined by our beloved @iamksealsallers, author, breastfeeding activist and visionary who is going to lead a breastfeeding advocacy discussion focused around her groundbreaking book- “THE BIG LET DOWN: How Medicine, Big Business and Feminism Undermine Breastfeeding”. This book is 🔥🔥🔥 and required reading for our doulas. _ In the afternoon we will be joined by our lovely acupuncturist Dr. Angela Le, MAOM, DACM, LAc. Founder of Fifth Avenue Fertility Wellness who will help doulas learn key Chinese medicine techniques to bring into the delivery room with clients as well as how to help relieve some common discomforts women may experience in pregnancy. _ Today was all about opening, surrender… on so many levels. One of my favorite visual tools is this wooden cervical dilation dial (made by @treasuresfromjennifer ) that shows the incredible journey the cervix takes blooming from 1cm to 10cm… opening… The body is magical, mystical, sacred, divine. So honored to be a part of ushering the next generation of doulas into practice. Day 3 INTEGRATION… here we come….peep stories to see more. _ Our MAMA GLOW DOULA IMMERSION LEVEL 1 August session has been full for a while. We are announcing our NY fall dates next week… and we will be announcing our first INTERNATIONAL immersion location soon!!!! Can you guess where? Make sure you’re subscribed #mamaglowdoulatraining #lunareclipse #mamaglow #doula #education #pregnancy #birth #sacred #healing #mamaglowdoulaimmersion #brooklyn #birthwork #glowpower #teaching #breastfeeding #acupuncture #inspiration #transformation #diversity #advocacy #activism #womenshealth

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Doula, yogi and self-care sorceress according to her Instagram bio, Latham Thomas aka @glowmaven is definitely a spiritual warrior you should know.  Her best-selling book “Own Your Glow” provides soulful principles that offer an illuminated path for examining life’s challenges, helping you curate your path to greatness, while embracing your uniquely feminine attributes. Packed with rituals, meditations, and lifestyle tips, Own Your Glow provides a clear framework for harnessing your passion, developing spiritual fitness, and embracing true vulnerability.  Also if you have been thinking of becoming a Doula Latham offers a 3 day immersive training in Brooklyn, which seeks to dismantle stigmas and fears around the birth process for women.

2. Jenne Claiborne @Sweetpotatosoul

We all know what you put into your body drastically determines what comes out in several forms. A clean diet can help decrease stress, health problems, and other issues so it should be no surprise Jenne Claiborne of @sweetpotatosoul makes our list of Boss Spiritual warriors.  Jenne makes being vegan look super easy and fun while doing so.  On Sweet Potato Soul you can find hundreds of delicious and easy-to-make vegan recipes. Jenne also shares cooking videos and healthy eating tips.  After becoming Vegan the clinical depression Jenne was diagnosed with has disappeared, and she no longer has to rely on anti-depressant drugs.  Her hormones and menstrual cycle found balance and her fatigue disappeared.

3. Necole Cane @hellonecole

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Headed into the week optimistic and with a new game plan! They say success is in your daily routine and habits so I make sure I run, read (or listen to an audible book), eat breakfast, set my intentions, run through my to-do list and nourish my spirit before plugging into work and social media. Taking an extra hour for yourself each morning will truly change the rest of your day. Which leads me to…. 💥ESSENCE FEST NEW ORLEANS💥. This weekend I’ll be taking to the @MBIB stage to talk self care with Power star @naturi4real moderated by fab chick @kelawalker. It’s Saturday at 4:30 in the convention center (free to the public) and I’d love to see you there. @olay @pantene Check the schedule if you can for more info! #blackgirlsdo #selfcare P.S. If you’ll be at Essence Fest, let me know ❤️ 📷: @patrickneree

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Founder & Editor of, Necole is the epitome of spreading positivity and facing fears.  She was approached in 2013 to sell her old gossip site Necole Bitchie for 7 figures but turned down the offer because she did not want the old gossip website to be her legacy.  Instead was born because she wanted to do something more inspiring and empowering.  Her new love for body building is a message to all of us to take pride in our health and have fun while doing so.

4. Sarah Jakes Roberts @sarahjakesroberts

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🚨 Wild Woman Alert 🚨 the 2018 main sessions are available for viewing now at _ I preached a message at @womanevolve about being a wild woman. In Revelation, a woman faces off with a dragon and then escapes to a place in the wilderness God has prepared for her. An area that would’ve been inhospitable for anyone else was the place she thrived. Before she was ever in the wilderness God had clothed her in the sun and placed the moon at her feet. My girl was born to be wild, but she had to fight to get to the place God prepared for her. _ Let this be a message to you – if God placed you in what looks like a wilderness stop looking at what’s around you and start asking God what’s on you. _ The wild woman in this photo just launched Woman Evolve TV, the home of exclusive content for the modern woman of faith. Catch up on the 7 main sessions this week then get ready to watch ALL 12 of the breakout session next week. I’ll also be hosting interviews, studies, vlogging and so much more. _ Subscribe now at

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Many may know her as the daughter of megachurch pastor, bestselling author and film producer, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes but Sarah Jakes Roberts is a woman in her own right of course. Sarah is an astute businesswoman and has been integral in the success of many major initiatives at TDJ Enterprises. She currently serves as the senior editor of eMotions, an online inspirational magazine designed to embrace, educate and empower women.  Sarah’s personal brand Woman Evolve is a movement committed to erasing limits and challenging the norms of what it means to be a modern woman of faith.

5. Erica Campbell @iamericacampbell

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Morning ❤️

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A woman that needs little introduction, Erica Campbell has transformed her success as half of Gospel singing duo Mary Mary into other successful business ventures.  Erica Campbell is the host of the nationally syndicated inspirational morning drive radio show, Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell and family reality TV series “We Are the Campbells” on TVOne. Erica will show how she manages all of her busy roles while still making music, being a successful radio personality on “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,” and be a First Lady.

6. Sethlina Amakye @lovesethie

Sethlina Amakye is the owner of a faith-based gift and home decor boutique called Love Sethie, president of The Tribe Gathering, and author of The Little Pink Book: The moderns girls guide to Christ-centered femininity. Sethie is passionate about using her story to speak life into the lives of broken women who can’t see past their current situation. The Tribe Gathering is a ministry that strives to create a safe place that gives women permission to walk in freedom, be their most authentic self, and introduce women to amazing local women who are on a similar journey.

7. Brandi Harvey @iambrandiharvey

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When @sterlingpics captured this photo of me over a year ago, I knew I was in a transition phase. I had started my locs 8 months prior and they were under my braids in the photo. I was afraid to get new shots with MY HAIR out. Even though I knew that’s what I really wanted deep down inside. I just wasn’t ready.🙅🏾‍♀️ 🔸 The fear was driven by what other people might say 🗣and How other people might react. 🤦🏾‍♀️. Thank you God for deliverance 🙌🏾. Deliverance from other people opinions and their false commentary over my life. Deliverance from my own beliefs about myself and my own beauty. 🔸 Shortly after this photo, I committed to therapy. I realized I needed to heal my childhood wounds. I had to make peace with my past to ensure the success of my future. 🔸 One year later. Left the braids, left the job, left some friends, and left the old beliefs behind. Healing is not overnight nor does it come with a timeline. It comes when we are ready to do the work to get it. 🔸 Through my healing journey I was able to birth It’s amazing what happens in our lives when we let go off the bags 💼 that were weighing us down. You learn it’s so much easier to fly. Be encouraged today. You are exactly who you have been waiting for. ❤️B #beyondher #livewell #bewell

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Brandi Harvey is a spiritual warrior we couldn’t pass up sharing with you all after our recent podcast interview with her.  Her shocking decision last year to devote herself to a silent meditation retreat birthed her online brand Beyond Her, which seeks to provide active wellness content to women of color in collaborative and transformative ways to elevate the mind, body and spirit.  Daughter of Steve Harvey, Brandi has also made a name for herself.  Brandi also offers one-on-one coaching.

8. I’sha Gaines @ishagainesphoto

Photographer, business woman and now conference creator I’sha Gaines continues to evolve her personal brand.  Founder of Honey Be Natural Magazine, I’sha is launching her inaugural Affirmation Summit Conference this fall in Dallas, TX. The Affirmation Summit is a self-love & body positive gathering aiming to provide women with tools to boost their self-worth, confidence, and aid in stress management. This summit incorporates natural & holistic themes and encourages women to be authentically themselves.

9. Alexandra Elle @alex_elle

If you’ve never heard of Alex Elle you will be glad you came across this blog post.  Alex poetically shares snippets of self love through her instagram page and draws us into her spiritual journey through her storytelling. Her passion for poetry, and narrative writing are infused with life lessons, self-celebration, and building community through literature & language. In addition, Alex also hosts the hey, girl. podcast, publishes photography & essays on her online journal Another Sunday, and teaches workshops centered around self-care across the United States.

10. Lauren Ash @hellolaurenash

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let go, let God. during one of the most challenging situations of my life, i got one of the most life changing, perspective altering books ever: the seat of the soul, a book that also changed oprah + maya angelou’s life. three months later, (my magic number) i discover i’ll be in conversation with the author this october at wellspring — gary zukav. (thank you again to my sis @freddieharrel for urging me to order it.) i trusted my instinct left a year-long partnership that looked amazing externally, but no longer served me. within two months, i attracted a client that was far more abundant financially + allowed me to be myself — creative and black, and happy and paid. i wouldn’t have been able to work with them had i not released the former partnership. i’m reminded that external perception has no value in my world. thanks, intuition. over one year ago, my creative sis @deunivory + i dreamt up a creative project and shot it in my living room with a janky photo set up but a lot of black girl magic. to this day, people comment on how beautiful it was, not knowing that the beauty brand we featured didn’t give us a budget, we created it purely because we wanted to practice flexing our creative muscles + knew it would attract what we desired. this week, we were paid to “work” (it felt like play) with this brand, and have a blossoming, enjoyable, ongoing relationship with them. our future looks bright, I gotta get a new pair of sunnies. i’m currently developing what will be one of my greatest projects behind the scenes, attracted an amazing agent for it + affirmed by her to take my sweet time. i am remembering how good creating at my own pace feels + that all good things take time. a conversation with my best friend this week affirmed that *this* is how God wants me to move. deliberate, slow, + easeful. in sum: alignment is everything. intuition is a gift. timing + trust are to be honored and revered. i hope you all can learn to lean into your own Love, trust that you can spread your wings + remember that God has your back . p.s. i’ll be sharing more about my journey — and it has been just THAT with ups + DOWNS tmrw 10am at @bodhichicago with @lolapwright 🌹

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Lauren Ash is a wellness visionary, yoga and meditation guide, engaging speaker and creative writer, and founder and executive director of the culture-shifting lifestyle brand synonymous with black women’s wellness—Black Girl In Om. Essentially, she is black girl magic wrapped in a blanket of everything we love about self-care.  Her personal website allows you to go deeper into your self reflection with spiritual downloads and other in-depth content about her journey.

We hope you have enjoyed this list! Who are some other spiritual warriors we should know? Comment and let us know!

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