We spend a lot of time highlighting women who are paving the way for entrepreneurship and kicking down glass ceilings in the corporate world.  However, we rarely take the time to highlight our amazing moms.  What makes women so awesome is that we can run multi-million dollar companies, sit on the board and still come home to take care the ones who need us most – the kiddos! It’s no secret that women can do it all, but when it comes to being a mom women have an extra layer of super power.  So here are 10 Boss Moms you should know!

10 Boss Moms You Should Know

1. Taryn Newton  @tarynnewton

Helping the everyday woman lead a simplified, stylish, and efficient lifestyle is what Taryn is all about.  Managing a house full of boys, a full-time job and many other hats moms wear daily, Taryn loves to share her wardrobe and journey through parenting.  We love seeing her style too! You can find everything about Taryn on her blog at Glamorous Versatility.

2. Destiny @MomCrushMonday

Ain’t no housewife 😂 but it’s fun to pretend. 💁🏽‍♀️ #singlemom

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One look at Destiny’s website and social media and you automatically want to be her mom BFF.  Her popular lifestyle blog focuses on motherhood, fashion, positive motivation, and building up other women. She recently launched a private, members-only business network focused on helping moms dominate their personal business goals, without having to sacrifice the other important parts of their life.

3. Melarie @mauvepaperco

Capturing life’s beautiful moments through art and her hand-lettered illustrations brings us to what Melarie, another boss mom you should know. Her business Mauve Paper Co creates stationary and paper goods that will sure send all types of positive vibes your way.  When she’s not drawing letters and beautiful faces, she is loving on her husband and chasing her children around – and most likely grabbing her art supplies out of their little hands. 

4. Mattie James @MattieJames

Mattie James is a blogger turned entrepreneur turned all around Boss Mom goals! Originally starting as a fashion blogger, her platform has since transformed into building a business teaching other women how to dominate being a blogger, creating content for some of the most amazing brands and sharing how she balances it all being a wife and mother. Don’t forget to check out her interview with us on the Boss So Hard Podcast!

5. Elisha @pageelevenpapergoods

Have you been thinking of purchasing your next great journal? Elisha McGhee is obsessed with planning and turned that passion into a full business. The Page Eleven brand is an idea formed to inspire people to keep moving towards their goals or aspirations.  When she’s not creating beautiful journals you can find her spending time with her husband and 1-year-old son Josiah.

6. Dayna Bolden  @DaynaBolden

Ever heard of a Slay-Mom? Yeah neither have we but we just made it up! Inspiring women to do all things with love passion and style, you can probably tell why Dayna Bolden is on our list of 10 Boss Moms you should know.  When she’s not killing it with her daily style posts, you can find her traveling the country at a variety blogger speaking engagements or working on the latest ad campaign for your favorite brand like Coca Cola or DSW.  And what we love the most is that you’ll probably see a cameo in an ad from her mini-me Aria.

7. Le @fitfoodiele

Fit mom blogger Le makes us all want to step up our game! When she’s not sharing super tasty recipes for kids she is taking us along her fitness journey. Need a dairy-free, organic snack? Le has you covered! Need to sneak more vegetables in your kids diet? Her Instagram page is full of ideas.  What we love the most is how she gets her kids involved every step of the way. 

8. Ashley @ashleywade_fit

It’s time for me to release the happy hormones…yesterday I literally cried over a donut🍩🤦🏽‍♀️😂. Lol As my pregnancy progresses, so does the muscle tightness, fatigue, and mood swings. . . 👉🏽The butterfly stretch is a very important move to incorporate daily. It stretches the inner thighs, groin, and opens the hips (which stores a lot of emotion). Hip openers are key to an easier labor process. This stretch is also good for stimulating the abdominal organs, improving circulation and digestion, and also helps reduce fluid retention. . . 1️⃣When doing this exercise, place the hands at the ankles and gently press the knees down. 2️⃣Continue for up to 30 seconds. 3️⃣You can create pulsing motions if you’re comfortable. ✔️Your knees may not touch the floor and that’s totally fine. If you experience any pain, STOP the exercise. . . MOMMIES, WHAT’S THE SILLIEST THING YOU’VE EVER CRIED OVER❓🤰🏾Tag a friend!

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Ashley Weaver (formerly Ashley Wade), is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. If you’re a mom looking to lose a little baby weight or embark on a new pregnancy journey in top fitness shape, Ashley is your girl! Even though she has 7 years of experience as a CPT, she wanted to make sure her workouts were completely safe while pregnant so she decided to get a specialization in Perinatal Fitness through AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association for America). As a result, she created her brand Bundle & Fit, specializing in mommy fitness.

9. BreAnna @Mombeyondmom 

Back to regular life today and I’m in need of alllll the coffee after that long but fun weekend. I’m so excited though because in a little while I’m heading out to try out a hydra facial at @terrimazaheriaesthetics!! 🙌🏽can’t wait.. and I’ll be sharing all about it on my stories so stay tuned if you’ve ever been curious about one! – – – #mondaysbelike #mondaymornings #allthecoffee #hydrafacial #faithblogger #proverbs31woman #faithblog #faith #shereadstruth #gritandvirtue #womenoffaith #lifelivedbeautifully #theeverydayproject #livefullyalive #bedeeplyrooted #livefullyalive #verilymoment #creativepreneur #propelwomen #shepaintstruth #feelfreefeed #womenintheword #lampandlight #mommyblogger #darlingweekend #seekthesimplicity #mommyblog #solovelysofree #arizonablogger #inmyhome #inmykitchen

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BreAnna is your everyday mom sharing her daily life, food, beauty and motherhood inspiration. But her perfectly curated Instagram feed makes us all swoon!  Like others on this list, she has channeled her passion for motherhood into a great blog Mom Beyond Mom, where she let’s us in on the real of being a mom – you know those things perfect Instagram photos doesn’t show you.

10. Tawana Shine @tawana_shine

Speaker and mentor Tawana is definitely a boss mom you should know.   Empowering individuals to let go of their past and live in the present, Tawana has created her lifestyle brand S.H.I.N.E. (Shit Happens, It’s Not The End). What most thought was going to be the end of her life at age 16 when she gave birth to twin boys was the beginning of God using her to show others you can do all things through him.  She kept praying and pushing and now using her platform to inspire other moms.

Who are your favorite boss moms? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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