How many times have you said to yourself all I need is someone to give me a chance?  Whether you are thinking about the next promotion you desperately want or that business idea you want to finally get off the ground, missed opportunity is one of our biggest deterrents.  However, instead of dwelling on the no, the barriers or the what-ifs, all we need is to first tell ourself “YES”.  As a result, here are 5 questions to ask when you need to courage to say yes!

Questions to Ask When You Need The Courage To Say Yes


1. How will I feel if I don’t move forward?

Regret is a powerful emotion and can really take over your spirit if you allow that to happen.  Before I decided take the leap and open my business, I continuously had a feeling of wanting more.  All I could think of day in and day out was starting my business, the people I would help and how my idea would create an opportunity for those in my industry.  I literally could not think of anything else and knew I had to take a leap of faith and move forward.  Do you have that same feeling?  Will you feel regret if you don’t try?  Instead of being paralyzed by fear of moving forward or regret, use those some feelings to power forward.  

2. What’s the worst that can happen?

My mom always used the saying “The worst someone can tell you is no, and then you are back where you started.  Nothing will be lost.”  When you need the courage to say yes, think about the worst case scenario.  When you open your mind to all possibilities it is easier to be proactive and work against those risks.  Nothing is impossible and a NO is just a sign of someone saying “not right now”.

3. What steps do I need to move forward?

When you fail to plan it is an automatic plan to fail.  If you need a little courage boost to say yes to your next big idea create a plan.  Get crystal clear on what steps are needed to move forward.  Set a drop dead date and work backwards from that date, step by step, until you reach your goal.  The sense of accomplishment as you check off each item on your step by step list will give you that boost of confidence and give a jolt of momentum to keep going.  Although you could be excited about the big end result, there is always a process and necessary steps to move forward efficiently.  Identify what those are and create a plan of attack.

4. What resources do I already have that can help?

When you are not sure how to actually move forward think about all the resources already at your disposal.  Connections on LinkedIn & Facebook, college friends and family may all come in handy.  These can open windows of opportunity to connect with others in a particular area of industry that you have interest.  If you are a side-hustler any free resource you can obtain that will give great value should be top of mind. Online resources like Udemy and Skillshare are also great options for courses and online learnings.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help or admit to something you don’t know.

5. How can I get out of my own way?

The #1 source of encouragement you need to get out of your own way is YOU! Stop negative thinking and be more confident.  Here’s a few quick things you can do to practice positive thinking.

  • Write out positive affirmations and make them visible around you home
  • Start your day with meditation and prayer
  • Take a social media break & Create more than you consume
  • Stop comparing yourself to others


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