As women, we all have insecurities we’d like to hide with makeup. But let’s be honest, it’s way to hot outside right now. So, let’s challenge ourselves to do away with heavy makeup this summer! Let your natural beauty shine by focusing on your favorite features and highlight the flaws that make you flawless. We sat down with Benefit Cosmetics and they shared with us on how to get the 10 minute face for the corporate gal or side hustler on the go but still wants to be fly! We had a mini makeover inside there beautiful location in Dallas, TX to give our makeup bags a little makeover.

TIP #1 Make a fabulous smile your focus

Charity’s smile is her beautiful feature! We selected a flattering nude gloss that worked beautifully with her undertones. Consider pairing your summer wardrobe with a matte nude lip or a moisturizing nude tone for an instant face boost. We used Gogotint Cheek and Lip Stain.

TIP #2 Beautiful Brows

Brows are the feature and highlight of every woman’s face these days. If your brows are not on fleek you might be getting a slight side eye. But in all seriousness a good brow pencil can go a long way. And Benefit Cosmetics has Brow Tryout Kit that will change your life and your brows will always be on point.

TIP #3 Making Enticing Eyes the Focus

The goal is not to go to work with a face beat for the gawds but you also don’t have to look like you cried yourself to sleep with puffy eyes. The makeup artist at Benefit used an eyeliner and a warm nude shadow on the eyelid. It literally took 3 min to apply max.

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