We discussed reason 1 on the last post, well here are 9 more reasons why the Corporate Gal Brunch will have you at HELLO! Grab Your Ticket Today!

Reason 2: Millennial Boss Women Who Have Found Their Voice

One of the biggest issues women face in their corporate gigs is finding their voice. We often try to be like others and we find it difficult to find our own voice. What is our tone? Is it hard, abrasive and demanding? Or is it too soft? That’s why I am so excited to share Amber Givens Davis with you at the Corporate Women Unite Brunch, a millennial Judge. Yes, you saw that right, she is a judge, and she will be sharing tips on how she defined her voice and is catalyst for positive change.

Reason 3: You Are A Hustler

Women who win know how to hustle! Hustling is what helps you achieve your goals. Women who want to own their career do not wait around to be told what to do, get bogged down in paper pushing tasks and do not allow perfection to be the enemy of good. Instead they figure out what matters and what should be dumped or ignored. And in true Boss Women Who Brunch fashion we are sharing a true hustler with you at the Corporate Women Unite Brunch on June 23rd, Toni Howard Lowe, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at McAfee and a millennial running thangs. She did not wait to be told what to do but instead became a hustler over her career. You do not want to miss the jewels Toni will be sharing with our community.

Reason 4: Time Management Is Your Second Language

Being the Boss of your time is not an easy task, but women who are leading teams effectively know how important time management strategies play in your everyday tasks. We must schedule anything that matters on our calendars rather than simply telling ourselves you will find time as the week goes along.  And you always include chunks of time for drumming up big ideas.  A big tip from one of our panelist at the Corporate Women Unite Brunch, Marta, Director of Marketing and a millennial.  She knew that in order for her to take on a big role she had to reclaim her time.  And we want to share tips with you so you can stand out amongst your peers.

Reason 5: You Are Ready to Ask for What You Want

You can’t talk yourself out of asking for money. Whether it’s a starting salary, raise or bonus, because if you do, you probably won’t end up with what you deserve.   Your manager does not always know what you want or they may need to be reminded of the fact that you are ready for a promotion. But you must be ready to ask and get paid.  Sarah McAloon, C-Level Executive will be sharing straightforward strategies on asking for the money you deserve.  Join us on June 23rd so you can be singing the tunes on Rihanna “ pay me what you owe me”.

Reason 6: You Know That Being Liked by Everyone Is Not The Goal

We worry not only about how a decision we make might change our own lives but how it will affect other people.  If it’s a promotion, we may worry about the person who won’t be getting a promotion. We worry about if people will like us or how badly things will turn out if you get it wrong. But all that worrying does is  produce headaches, heartburn and stomach cramps. But don’t worry, we have a VET in the corporate game that will be dropping true gems on how she has not worried about the likes but instead focused on doing the right thing by the people she lead.  Lura Hobbs Former President will be sharing true wisdom on how she has dominated her career.

Reason 7: Own Your Excellence

Women often downplay what they do, what their skills are, and what their ambitions are for the future. It’s as if we’re fearful of sounding too braggy and having that work against us. But you have to own your excellence, ambition and announce who you are and what you want to do. Nicole Smith will be joining us on the panel at the Corporate Women Unite Brunch to do just that as she shares how she owned her excellence as former CMO of Dallas Wings and now owner of her own strategic consulting firm.

Reason 8: Becoming a Kickass Boss is the Goal

If you take a totally boss approach to your job and your career, it’s almost guaranteed that one day you will be in charge.  In charge of people, in charge of an important area in your company or in charge,of a company itself just like Hattie Hill, CEO & President of Women’s Food Service Forum.  All of her boss strategies helped her arrive here and she will be sharing them at the Corporate Women Unite Brunch on June 23rd.

Reason 9: You Get Shit Done

Part of owning your ambition is recognizing what’s required in advance and being ready to learn the skills you need to be successful.  Mia Lawrence, Senior Brand Manager for Sally’s Beauty will be sharing how you walk it like you talk it and get things done.  Understanding the fundamentals to business is the first step in getting things done in a manner that does not make you look like a paper pusher

Reason 10: You Have Visualize the Life You Want

Visualizing what you want is the first task. What type of boss do you want, what do you want your office to look like, how do you want to feel when you go to work? All things you must be clear on when going after your dreams. When you leave from the Corporate Women Unite Brunch you will have a clear visual on what it is that you want and how you will go after it. So what are you waiting for, grab your ticket asap!

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