The 40-hour workweek is the new part time (we’re crying too, however efficiently). Which means working on a Sunday? That’s what we’re doing right now.

But how can you focus your energy to make Sunday your #slayday instead of that #lazyday?

Here are three ways to set fire to the first day of the week.


As much as we know it pains you, all bills and adult life things you should handle on Sunday. Why? 1. How does it feel to have waited till the last minute to figure out what you owe Uncle Sam? Probably worse than watching those hard earn dollars head off to those monsters (joking) at the IRS. 2. The small tasks we allow to take up space in our head make the free time we have way less enjoyable. And it’s SO IMPORTANT TO ENJOY STUFF. If you’re at a boozy Sunday brunch worried about that health insurance bill you didn’t pay, or the car payment that’s a few days late, it’s affecting your good time. When something affect your good time, it affects your mood and your productivity.


If you want to be #goals, you better damn well set some. The great thing about writing a weekly goal list, is that it’s ever-changing. If this week your goals are to: read 50 pages a night, do squats every day, and not use Postmates once–NOT ONCE– (ahem, welcome to my goals), you have a much better chance at accomplishing them. Next week you can set new goals. Guess what? Checking these small, achievable, though hardly arbitrary goals off your list, imbues you with a sense of accomplishment and confidence needed to tackle larger tasks.


Remember that book about giving a mouse a cookie? Sure you do. Well, our careers are kind of like that. We all have our “cookie” job, the one that sustains us, but we also all need a little milk to go with it. The issue most of us have is where to find the time to get that milk. Easy: on Sunday. If you spend just two hours on a Sunday (which, face it, you easily spend combing Instagram) working on your side hustle, imagine what you can accomplish within the year. The truth is, the hustle does sleep, but it works smarter than you’re working right now. Your side hustle does have to be your FT passion– but you do have to commit time to it, instead of sitting around during the week WISHING you had more time.


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