“I would love to do what they’re doing. I’m so inspired by [insert person on the internet]. ” I hear some version of this on the regular. Whether the desired life is of an influencer on the gram, a killin’ it CEO, an entrepreneur, a filmmaker, or small business owner…the visibility we have into other people’s lives leads to a lot of inspiration and a hell of a lot of wishing.

Seeing these people is actually quite important, though. Their stories show us what we’re also capable of doing. It’s one of my favorite things about the Internet: we can see the images of people, leaders, and creators who we never previously could have seen.

But when it comes to wanting what they have or wanting to do what they’re doing, what looks good on them won’t always feel good or look good for you. Why? Because each human is so different. And before you go making sweeping statements and changes to get into a new industry, to change jobs, or go building a different life…you may want to experiment first.

Collectively we’ve lost some necessary skills; which consist of trying things, experimenting, being curious. Here are three questions you can ask yourself for gaining these skills.

  1. What life looks good to you?
  2. What future is inspiring you?
  3. And what can you do to try that on?

You may have high hopes of writing a book one day, but haven’t written anything before. Try a blog post. Or maybe you want to be a CEO, find someone in your field that is a CEO that you can shadow or will be your mentor. Anything is possible if you are fearless enough to put yourself out there and see what happens.

We can be inspired. We can see things that excite us. But instead of spending months and years wishing that we’re living the success we see in the future, we’ve got to try that inspiration on in some short way now. See how it feels. See how it looks for our life. See if we really do like the dose of experience we got ourselves into. It’ll either create more momentum to keep moving in that direction. Or it’ll show us that actually making a sweeping change would be a horrible idea because we didn’t like that thing we thought we would at all. Be inspired! And then experiment with that inspiration accordingly.

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