So, we all saw Beyonce’s performance at Coachella this weekend. (If you didn’t, are you sleeping under a rock???!!!) It personally gave me chills and I think I shed a tear or two. No, I am not cray cray, but I was so inspired by the performance, the creativity, the grit and dedication. It got me thinking, we should all be killing it like Beyonce in our respective disciplines. Now, I am aware she has a team of people behind her but they are not forcing her to grind the way she does, that my friends comes within. She has traits that we all need to instill in our life today:

  • Be Authentic: Bey is not trying to be like anyone else. She is always herself. She is not copying someone else’s style, look or brand. Instead she is working hard as hell everyday to be herself and sharing that with the world. Let’s stop copying everyone else, that’s corny as hell anyway, and instead be the best version of ourselves.
  • Grind Til You Own It: Beyonce was not built in a day, she experienced rejection, heartache and haters, but she kept grinding. She proved everyone wrong and put the work in. Now she is hands down the greatest performer (in my opinion) to walk this Earth. If we want the same, we must grind hard as hell.
  • Do It For The Culture: Doing it for the culture can mean so many things, but for this reference it means making impact around something bigger than you. Her performance at Coachella put black culture on the map. I’m sure HBCU’s google search inquiries increased drastically. She brought awareness to it in so many art forms. Are you making impact with what you are doing? Rather you are a corporate gal, side hustler or entrepreneur make impact for your culture.


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