If you attended the Side Hustler and Entrepreneur Brunch this weekend, you heard me say you absolutely need to have a service agreement if you are working with clients, vendors, sponsors or partners. As promised I am giving you guys that template shown here. But we are giving it to our entire Boss Community, bc if one boss woman has some information that can be a valuable tool we all need that information.

Template for use: (please note: this template can be reformatted as needed to fit your business and BWWB is not liable for your company using this template)

Service Agreement

This Service agreement is made and will be effective on (insert date). The conditions of this agreement are as follows.

BETWEEN: (Your Company) in Collaboration with  

WITH: (Company you are partnering with)

Services Provided

Your company name will (what are the agreement terms) and (date, location and time). The partner listed above will provide (what). (The company you are partnering with is required to do what) will be required (to do what). (When will the partner have the product or service you are requesting). What are the terms of your company: will you provide social media exchange, logo mentions, etc.


What fee will you pay the partner or what fee will the partner pay you and when?

Client Signature: ____________________________

Print name: ___________________________________    Date: _____________



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