You finally launched your business and excitement is at an all-time high. You eat, sleep, and breathe this business and it has officially become your second child. Suddenly, you realize being an entrepreneur or having a side hustle is lonely. No one understands all that you go through.  And, no matter how much you try to explain why you are freaking out over the number of people who visited your website last week, it seems as if you are talking to a dead wall. If this sounds like you, here are 5 reasons you need a business bestie like yesterday!

1. Iron Sharpens Iron

I met my business bestie after she hit me up on Instagram asking to connect. Simple as that.  Neither of us had egos or thought we were too good to meet up and have brunch with a stranger.  Since then it has been one of the most valuable adult friendships I have ever had.  When women support each other, amazing things happen.  We were both on our A game in our separate fields. She was able to help me think through a customer experience issue and I helped her reduce shipping costs for her online store.  You need people that are smart, and decisive in their own areas to help you get out of YOUR own way sometimes.  When valuable information is exchanged, and is impactful, the reciprocity is something you could never imagine.  Never be afraid to help another woman shine, trust me it will never dim your light.

2. Other People Just Don’t “Get” It

As much as we love our mommas and girlfriends, if they are not fellow entrepreneurs sometimes they just do not “get it”.  If you are finding yourself in a situation where you feel like no one in your circle of friends understands what you’re going through most likely you need a business bestie.   The whole concept of “getting it” is hard to explain, but most of the time with a business bestie it only takes 3 words to express how you are feeling about a certain situation and they probably will be able to finish your sentence.  Having another person who is also experiencing the emotional roller-coaster of running a business at the same time creates a bond not easily found with others.  Your business bestie will be able to encourage you and pump you up – even at your absolute lowest.  Make sure you do the same.   Support is not a one-way street. Be sure you are sowing into your business bestie equally.  No one wants to give their all to another person to only end the day more drained than before you started.  I refer back to #1, if you all are not sharpening each other’s iron you might need a new business bestie.

Never be afraid to help another woman shine, trust me it will never dim your light.

3. You Need Perspectives from A Different Industry

When thinking about who to take in as a business bestie be mindful of connecting with women from a totally separate industry.  The are a few reasons for this but the most obvious is to gain insight through opposite lens may, which may reveal new ideas and issues you never even considered.  Sometimes we are so deep into our businesses and ideas it is hard to see obvious things sticking out right at us.  You need to be challenged as a business owner.  Having someone from a different industry question your process will force you to pick it apart from top to bottom which also reveals gaps or missed opportunities.  I personally also find it valuable to have a business bestie in a totally separate industry just to remove any un-spoken layer of competition, but some may not have an issue in this area.  Use discernment and proceed wisely.

4. A Business Bestie Is Not a “Yes” Woman

If you are looking for constant validation, you are not looking for a business bestie.  The last thing any entrepreneur needs is a yes man or yes woman.  That is pointless. Your business bestie will tell you the truth, straight with no chaser.  If something does not make sense – they will let you know.  The key to forming real business relationships is open and honest communication.  If you cannot handle constructive criticism, it is possible you need to take a step back and re-evaluate before attempting to form a true open and honest relationship.

5. Continue to grow your network

As mother Oprah once said, “It’s not who you know…it’s who knows you!” This spoke to my soul! A lot of people get caught up in the hype of knowing this and that person, but does that person truly know YOU?   If your name was brought up in a conversation, could they recall a real exchange that occurred between you all or just a recollection of your face?  Once you form one business bestie relationship your network continues to organically grow through their friends and contacts. Your business bestie can refer you for other opportunities and really speak to your character and strengths outside of the number of Instagram followers on your page.

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Need A Business Bestie

  • Yesss, love this! A business bestie is literally your safety net to catch you when the ride gets wild!

  • Thank you for posting I often feel like I want someone to talk to about my business and get ideas but I know no one in Dallas that does what I do in Wedding Designs/decor/planning.
    I love this idea because now I know I am not just needy , I really do need a business bestie.

    • officiallysosocial

      Thank you so much for reading! Happy you enjoyed the post. You should check out our Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs brunch next month.

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