! We are so delighted to share our first blogger take over post of the year. Catherine Davis, Career Strategist (@careerstrategypro) is a dear friend, boss in her own right, and too legit to quit in the career space. Here’s Catherine’s guest blog post on being a boss.

It’s 5ish in the evening and I dash into the house, kick off my shoes, grab the mail off of the kitchen table and sit. My ‘rest’ is short because now it’s time to fire up the laptop and conference line for the pre-scheduled 6:30PM career strategy call followed by a to-do list of guest blog posts, speaking engagement proposals, workshop outlines, and more things that invade my brain but never make it to paper.

I’m exhausted. This is a lot of work and sometimes it truly feels like work. There is no doubt the consistent clientele for my career strategy business, Career One Eighty, makes it all worth it, but no one sees this part. The part where I am tired and would rather curl up on the couch and eat ice cream.  They might not even believe it because ‘I make it look easy’.

I’m sure you can relate. The challenge is hardly the scheduling, the planning, acquiring vision, etc. No, the real challenge that keeps authentic women up at night is the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ fear of not reaching our full potential. Not operating in the gift(s) we’ve been given…you know, the one’s that are powerful enough to change the world.

Being your own woman in a world where running a million miles per hour gets celebrated and attempting to stay inspired when you’re always the encourager can feel like hard work. Truthfully, remaining authentic to self and purpose in the face of it all becomes arduous. We have to work strategically (intentionally) to own our truths  forging ahead to make sure the greatest work is not left undone, the self-work.

olivia-popePlayfully, I’ve been called the Olivia Pope of careers and perhaps Olivia has taught me one of the greatest lessons of this career-entrepreneur life. There is no such thing as hiding a pretty mess, not even in a white coat.  In my life and business being a BOSS has become significantly less about showing and all about being. I give myself permission to wander between the tension of faith and comfort, also known as growth. I don’t hide my exhaustion, yet, I don’t celebrate the imbalance.  I make a choice to feel the friction.  Refresh my heart and mind by indulging in the activities that energize me, with the people who love me.  I don’t shy away from any emotion in my spectrum…I get to be confused, tired, ‘over it’, and  ‘all about it’…as long as I don’t shrink from the purpose I’ve been given to fulfill. As long as I don’t quit.

I am imperfect yet, I keep showing up. I keep betting on myself. I keep freeing others to do the same in the process. It’s not ‘making it look easy’ that makes me a BOSS. It’s allowing myself to ‘be’ even when it’s not easy that makes me a BOSS.

That’s how they know. That’s how I know. I am a BOSS.

-Catherine L. Davis,, @careerstrategypro

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