Truth or dare. The age old game is a hotbed for giggles, it’s the old faithful of youngin’ parties.  And it’s a good one, because you bare your soul with the chance of embarrassment or risk action that ends up doing just the same.

When it comes to our dreams, we’re really good at truth. Like super good. We tell anyone who will listen these cool dreams we have for ourselves. I’m going to start a company one day. I’m going to start a blog. I’m going to leave and travel for a few months. Whatever the dream is, professional, personal, or a lovely combination of both, it’s pretty easy to be truthful about these things we can see for ourselves.

So let’s set that truth aside for a moment and contemplate this…a dream dare instead.

What would you do today, this very second, to show someone your dream? Instead of tell them all about it.

It requires you to put some effort into the game. Because look, dream-telling is easy, but dreaming-doing is really fucking hard. And the people who are successful are willing to do small dream after small dream after small dream until they have the big dream they had always desired. The big dream is easy to want, but the small steps to get here are totally not glamorous a little bit dirty, and nothing anyone would ever say they wanted.

No one wants those years and experiences, but everyone would love to be where the greats are now. That’s not how it works. Nobody gets lifted by a helicopter onto the cloud of their dreams. You gotta work. You gotta step. You gotta do.

So, what can you do, this second, to show someone your dream instead of telling them about it? If you keep doing that over and over and over again, you’ll be living the dream instead of telling people about the thing you really want someday.

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