Life has chapters—chapters of experiences, chapters of moments, chapters of understanding, chapters of relationships, chapters of feelings, chapters of living. They’re all beautiful, undefined, and magical. And in each of the cycles of the experience…there’s an end.

Some of those endings are someone else’s choice. Some of those endings are determined by all the things way bigger than us. And some of those endings we choose.

The ones we choose, doesn’t always define itself as a negative and in this case it’s actually REALLY AWESOME! Because bringing something to a close with a rooted intention and total clarity is the grandest of power.

Which brings me to the new chapter and new beginning for our Co-Founder, Ashley Cash. She is having a baby girl and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her in this new chapter. Like any new beginning we gotta make some different choices. Choices to sustain us to keep balance, sanity and reality all in sync. So it is with sweet bitterness to announce that she will be focusing all of her attention on raising her new “little mama” (her words, not mineJ)  We are sad to see her go from the Boss brand, but we definitely understand why… my goodness she will be responsible for a little human (it scares me to type it lol).

But it would be so un-boss of us not to thank her for all the work she contributed to this brand. The tireless hours she put in to establish the positioning, audience, awesome blog posts and shining personality at our events. In our heart, she will forever be our Co-Founder and apart of the Boss Tribe!

So for any of our boss women facing a decision to open or close chapters make sure stillness is a part of the decision. To know, to really know, what chapter you are closing and why it is best for you. So in Ashley’s new chapter change we are certain this will create space for greatness to be ushered in with this life she is bringing in the world!

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