So what to do if you have a dollar and a dream…..Work every damn day to be the highest and best version of  yourself. Because when you’re authentically you, you will attract all of the right people and opportunities onto your path in ways that didn’t previously seem possible.

I use to be worried if I was skinny enough, pretty enough, had enough money, or ran with the right crowd, (whoever they are). I always wanted the right job, right title and right pay, even if I was not happy. But then something happen, I looked in the mirror and I told myself I was not going to pretend anymore and I began to peel the layers off. I had to undo the shoulds, the approval, the ego, the pressure, the pleasing, the confusion, and everything in between.

When you stop focusing on not being what everyone else wants you to be, it all clicks. Your dreams come what you want them to become and your effort is what you make it.

Here’s what happens when you start being nothing but who you want to be. Nothing but who you are. So much of you and all of you and nothing else: you become mind-blowingly powerful. You light up rooms. You draw opportunity that was simply made for you. Because people and the #universe know what that you is.

So I declare today for all my #bosswomen to begin focusing on your dreams, your purpose, your happiness and throw deuces to anyone who does not approve!

Dollar and A Dream

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