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You hear no, I hear not yet. You hear no, I hear they just are not convinced. If I want it, I will have it. I see no limits, no boundaries only endless opportunities that are waiting for me. Just think, the world is literally ready for you to have all you desire. You are the key influencer, you are the game changer, you are the Queen B, you are image1Beyoncé’ or whatever you need to call “Her.” All that power, just pulsating through your body, now that’s the real magic.


2016 was a buzz kill for me personally and I was very skeptical about 2017. I wasn’t on the bandwagon of excitement about the New Year. The year I was sitting in left me disappointed, heartbroken, low key broke and feeling very lack luster. I had no desires, no well wishes, and no new goals, so I was just going through the motions. I never knew what folks meant by “you alive but not living”, until I became the life that was not living. Then something switched, a trigger went off in my mental and I craved life or if I can be real I was ashamed of who I had become and no longer wanted to be her.

Slowly I began rebuilding myself around a very simple mantra, “Shoot Your Shot”. It may be a little corny but it shifted my prospective. In order to get what you have never had, you have to think differently. 3 simple words have me trying new things, taking huge leaps of faith, speaking boldly and being a better version of myself.  I changed the way I viewed myself and messed around and opened more doors in the process.

66f2e437-221d-40d4-9142-b42db47cfc81I truly understand what Sis meant by “I see it. I want it. I grind till’ I own it.” The only barrier in front of you is you. Nothing is out of reach, once you realize you can have it. After you realize you can have, go get it. Go get those big things, don’t play small.

Please, don’t sell yourself short. Now go, shoot your shot.

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