Happy New Year! We love that everyone is so motivated and focused on goal setting right now.  So to help you move from goal setting to goal getting we have 5 tips to help you stay on track .


  1. Gut check – Ask yourself, is this goal on my list because it’s something that feels right, something that I’ve spent time in reflection or in prayer about? Or is this a superficial goal, set for superficial reasons. If you’re pushing yourself towards something that you know in your gut isn’t really what you want or need…girl, you need to cut it! Even if that’s that high paying but soul sucking job, a relationship that going nowhere fast,  or your high school weight.
  2. Shut up about it – You know that friend who’s always on a ‘diet’ but never losing weight? Don’t be that person. She talks about what she wants to do, is about to do, but somehow never quite does it. Goals don’t get achieved by talking, they get achieved by doing.
  3. Set Benchmarks – Nothing kills a dream faster than realizing that the end is 1,000 miles and 5 years away….talk about a motivation killer. Think about where you are now and what’s a realistic milestone in the next 30 – 60 – 90 days. This is particularly important for big, scary goals where you can easily lose motivation or feel like you’re not making enough progress.
  4. Cut out comparison – Repeat after me – I WILL NOT COMPARE MYSELF TO STRANGERS (OR FRIENDS) ON THE INTERNET. Now say it again, even louder and pinky promise that you will keep your word. Just like your goals are your own, so is your journey, it won’t look or feel like anyone else’s and it’s not supposed to.
  5. Think beyond yourself – who is this goal going to impact? Who’s waiting for you to launch that company or snag that promotion? Who will be inspired to reach their goals because of you?

Cheers to the new year and you!

Ashley + Marty

Who else is planning 2017?  We’ve been in planning and collaboration meetings this week and oooohh weee are some amazing things in store! We’ve got some surprises that we’ll be announcing soon but this week we want to share a major takeaway from one of our meetings this week.


Making the most of every minute is a sure fire way to increase productivity and simply put, get ish done! Not only is this a great way to take action it’s also a great attitude to take on. What could you accomplish if you approached your day from the viewpoint of, “I have enough time do what needs to get done.” How much less time would you spend on low gain activities (reality TV and Instagram count)?

Our daily challenge (forget 2017, let’s start now) is to not take a single moment of the day, to walk our talk by seizing every moment and making it count!


Ashley + Marty

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