It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But some of us are overwhelmed with to do lists, shopping, shipping, community service, menu planning, house preparations, decorating, and ugly sweater parties. Whew! It really is the most wonderful time of the year but when schedules get busy, overwhelm starts to rear its ugly head…ugh! Boss chicks don’t have time for overwhelm so here are three practical tips to beat holiday hoopla.


Give Yourself a Break – No matter how much we do or accomplish it can sometimes feel like it’s never enough. It is darling, it is.  You are not perfect, life is not perfect, and if you are trying your best, let that be enough for once. Give yourself the grace that you would give a stranger or a friend.

Ask for Help – It’s easy to feel like we have to do it all and look cute while doing it but the moment you find yourself feeling anxious, upset, or on the brink of a wine binge (no judgment here), take a moment to ask for help. That may mean relinquishing control but so what!   Resist the urge to control everything and carry the weight of the world on your soldiers. Speak up, ask for help, and accept the help received.

Give Obligations the Boot– Ok this is a tough one. This is the time of year where invitations to spend your time and money are frequent which can create the perfect storm for holiday stress and fatigue but it can be so, so difficult to say no. Who doesn’t love a good party or a day of giving?  Our challenge to you – only say yes to the events you really want to attend and give to causes nearest and dearest to your heart. Why? Because when you do things out of obligation rather than love, you’re not fully present; you rob yourself (and others) of the best of you. So do yourself a favor, resolve to spend your time where your heart is.

This is the season where magic, love, peace, and joy rule.  Don’t rob yourself of the gifts of the season by getting caught up in holiday hype.


Ashley + Marty

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