Is it just us or does this time of year, that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas spark a feeling of “senioritis?”  It seems like all of the holiday parties (RSVP for our party here), shopping, and treats make us long for less work and more play.  So what’s a girl to do when productivity calls?

This week in particular has been a bit of a struggle especially as we try and prepare for some time away at the end of December.  Here’s 3 ways we kick our productivity into high gear:

Lean Into Those Lazy FeelingsThis might seem counterintuitive but in the moments where you don’t feel like doing anything – don’t! Instead take a break, a nap, a walk etc. so that you’re 1. not getting frustrated with yourself (making you even more unproductive and 2. not producing your best work. If your brain (and body) aren’t in work mode, listen to them!

Focus on Being Productive NOT BusyBeing busy is so overrated though some of us wear it like a badge of honor.  So rather than fill your day with meaningless, low gain activities, focus on the one thing that’s going to have the biggest impact even if that means taking a big task and breaking it up into manageable chunks.


Get InspiredWhat puts you in the mood to work? Music? Podcasts?  We’re big fans of Ted Talks (here’s a fav) especially on the topic of women’s empowerment and being the best version of yourself.  Hearing different perspectives usually inspires us to action. Interestingly enough, so does Beyoncé 🙂

Hard as it may be, it isn’t quite time to settle into holiday mode, so keep pushing towards productivity. You got this!


Ashley + Marty

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