How the heck is it November already?!?  And where did 2016 go?  And while it’s not quite time to do our year in review we’re reflecting on this year and planning for next.

Aaaahhh goal setting or strategic planning as we call it, both a gift and a curse.  A gift because it’s so exciting to not only look back on our accomplishments this year and build on them but a curse because more begets well, more.  So as we work to improve our current personal best, the real work is in being strategic and making sure every plan we make, every goal we set is in line with our big goal.

As you prepare to plan for 2017 (do it now girl), we wanted to share our top 3 (not so common) tips for goal setting:

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Brain Dump – we’re never at a loss for good ideas.  It’s one of our biggest strengths as a brand but if we’re not careful we can spend more time dreaming and less time implementing.  So before we start our goal planning, we also take the time to write out all of our ideas so our creative side doesn’t overtake our strategic side.

Set Aside Time for Planning and Revising – Planning is one thing, taking the time to revise your goals as natural shifts in priorities and plans occur is another.  Goals should be fluid, not rigid so be sure to set aside time periodically to revise your goals.

Keep Your List Short – ever heard of the law of diminishing returns? Basically it means that the more goals you have the less you’ll actually hit so do yourself a favor, keep your goals list short and laser focused in order to increase your chances of reaching them.

So what’s on your goal list for 2017?  We totally want to know.


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