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Welcome to October! The last few weeks have been busy as heck and things are not letting up in October (fact, not a complaint). And while we love staying busy and watching our brand grow, there’s something we need to confess.  Even though we are #girlbosses, sometimes we don’t feel like it. Sometimes our hair gets frizzy, lipstick gets smudged, and our confidence takes a hit.  Sometimes we have doubts and our fears threaten to get the best of us.  Can you relate? Do you ever feel like you need a moment to be less #boss and more #hotmess?  Yea, us too.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s just not feeling it?


Why? Because it’s easy to go forward when you feel like it, but dreams don’t come true just because you feel like it.  There’s a reason that people use words like grit, grind, and hustle when talking about the pursuit of a goal. What does showing up mean? It means saying no to not giving our best and taking shortcuts. It means being good stewards of our platform and our influence.  Have we ever regretted giving 110% when we weren’t 100% in the mood to do it? Nope! Have we ever regretted not giving 110% when we know we could have done better? Every. Single. Time.  Talk about a sick feeling…ugh!


We’re clear about what we want; a life that we’ve built on our terms. A life that we don’t have to ask permission to live. So in the moments where we struggle to get it together, we take a deep breath, remember why we started, cry if we need to, refresh our makeup, and show up anyway.

Ashley + Marty

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