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Confession time…we’ve been holding out on you.  While we’ve been talking about the power of partnership we neglected to give you a few tools to help you tap into the most powerful tool in your arsenal…YOU!

Yes, honey, you! You are purposefully and wonderfully made.  You are smart enough, cool enough, and brave enough to accomplish anything you set out to do.  You have the ability to create and become whatever you desire.  We like how Beyoncé put it; you just might be the next Bill Gates YOUR NAME HERE in the making.

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This week we want to encourage you to go boldly toward the pursuit of your dreams and own the unique gifts that you possess to help get you there. Need help tapping into those gifts? Try this exercise.

At the top of a sheet of paper, write down your most pressing goal. Then on the right side, write down “Gifts” as a header.  On the left side write down “How.” Your paper should look something like this:

Big Goal

Gifts                                    How

Now list 3-5 of your gifts under the “Gifts” column. Then under “How” write how you will use your gift to accomplish your big goal.  Stuck? That’s ok, just stay with it.  Every time you get discouraged, afraid,or worried that you can do something, revisit this list and draw some power from it.

There’s power in you, darling, own it.

Ashley + Marty

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