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We’re officially back to life, back to reality after the Labor Day holiday and we are pumped about it! Why? Because there are so many good things on the horizon for our brand and our community.  Yay!

We’ve learned (and are still learning) some really cool lessons but the stand out is the power of partnership. Ready to put your plans in motion? Don’t underestimate the power of partnership for your business or your professional brand, either way, the same rules apply. Here are 3 tips to help you get started:

1. Get over intimidation – it’s so easy to look at someone’s online persona, number of followers etc. and think they wouldn’t be interested in you but we’ve found that isn’t true. In fact, every time we’ve reached out to a brand they’ve been flattered that we reached out and excited to have the opportunity to work with us…whoa!

2.  Give them a reason to say yes – be prepared to communicate what you can do for them without focusing on what you’ll get in return.

3. Focus on genuine connections – spend some time learning and supporting the person/brand you’re interested in collaborating with. People will ignore strangers but will go out of their way to help a friend.

Boss Women Who Brunch

We’re so excited about our latest partnership with Grit Fitness in September. We met owner and founder Brittani Retig a few months ago and we just love her sweet persona, chill personality, and her passion for her business.  We met for dinner and shared some ideas which birthed our September event, Sweat it Out Like a Boss. Brittani thank you for having us and not ignoring our emails, ha!

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