Cheers to the upcoming three day weekend! We hope you get a chance to relax and recharge which we know is sometimes hard to do especially if you are managing what feels like a million things.  The worst part of going on vacation or unplugging is always coming back to an overflowing inbox and a list to do list that’s a mile long.

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  1. Make a to do list, then prioritize the sh!t out of it. Write down every single thing you can think of so you don’t have those “I think I forgot something” moments during your down time. Now take your list and prioritize into two categories: Pre-holiday and Post-holiday. Focus only on the most critical tasks that have to be done before you leave.

2. Grind + Delegate. Now take your pre-holiday list and pick out the items you must do. Grind like your life depended on it to get through this list. You might be tired when you get ready to leave but rest is on the horizon. You’ll be so much more relaxed knowing you tied up your high priority items. Next delegate the remaining (or as many as possible) pre-holiday items like there’s no tomorrow. If you can delegate on your post-holiday list, do so. If not, it will be prioritized and waiting for you when you return.

3. Conquer that email. Nothing makes you dread returning to work like an overflowing inbox. And while you can’t control the number of emails that you’ll receive while you’re out, you can control how they appear in your inbox. Create rules that filter emails from important people to a folder so you know where to check first, giving yourself plenty of time to filter through all of those “reply” all messages.

What else do you do to prepare for a long holiday/vacation? Share your advice with our community.


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