Let that sink in…the idea that rest is a much needed part of the journey to more.   The world is telling you that if you have a goal that achieving it will take hard work and sleepless nights.  Well that’s a half truth. The whole truth is achieving your goals will require hard work but they will also require you to rest, recharge, and take care of yourself so that you have enough fight in you to cross the finish line. Hustle wears the finish off big shiny goals. When you go so hard that you wear yourself out, quitting starts to look really attractive.

If you’re in a place of your journey where you feel guilty about taking time for yourself or not working every free moment, our advice is simple. Rest, darling. Take a day, an hour, whatever you choose to just rest so you’re not tempted to quit. Reflect, recharge, lay on the couch and just be.  Rest, love, you’ve got mountains to conquer.

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