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“Beyonce is a unicorn and I am too,” whatever that means. It seems like inspirational quotes in pretty fonts have overtaken our lives.  Inspiration is great; it’s something we all need to keep fighting the good fight.  Except inspiration and even the resources and success stories we’ve shared, won’t help you conquer the world if we don’t address the elephant in the room. That elephant’s name is…


Barriers or limiting beliefs are the thoughts we tell ourselves that prevent us from living up to our true potential and living our passion. You know what Mr. Barrier is good at…

killing dreams, self-deprecation, projecting fears, lying, and guilt trips about who you are and what you can do. 

What you believe about yourself (good or bad) is the gateway to getting (or not), what you want.  No matter how many ‘you can do it’ blog posts your read, until you first acknowledge your barriers you won’t be able to get past them.

So what’s your hang up? What do you believe about yourself that’s holding you back?  Fear of failure, fear of success, confidence, procrastination, doubt, or something else? We’ve got a tool here to help you work through it. We’ve even filled ours out so you know that you aren’t alone.

Marty and I are totally open and vulnerable about the barriers that threaten to keep us from our dreams. Instead of running away from them, we’re turning towards them, facing them head on, givin’ them one of our manicured fingers, and choosing greatness anyway.

Your turn.


Ashley + Marty

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